Our first amaleya

Amaleya is the Arabic word for surgery. I learned it long ago but have never used it like we have the past 12 hours.

Yesterday we took Ella to her Dr because she was complaining about her stomach for a few days and it seemed to be centralizing on the low right side. She had no fever and no other symptoms really. The Dr sent us straight to have bloodwork and an ultrasound done in hopes of ruling out appendicitis. The ultrasound tech did a thourough job and said it looked like appendicitis. Things progressed quickly from there. A surgeon met us at a nearby Hospital to assess whether she needed surgery last night or could it wait for this morning.

He checked us in for the night at a beautifully clean hospital so they could monitor her and have the amaleya first thing this morning.

I’m writing this to you while little sweet Ella is down a few floors in a room full of Arabic speakers undergoing surgery. We are mostly brave, but truly ONLY “because of Christ and His love for us we can come fearlessly into His presence, assured of His glad welcome!”  (The kids and I just worked on that verse this week)

Please pray for our brave girl! Pray that God uses this to draw her even closer to Him. Pray that we can communicate clearly with Drs and nurses- This part has been difficult so far. Pray for wisdom for Dr. Aloulou right now. 

Thank you for standing with us.

We will update you all soon!

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Ramadan story #3

This week I was able to finally meet for the first time a young man who I’ve been calling for a few weeks.

A quick footnote. You remember just a few weeks ago I posted a video about guys not calling back and some guys going MIA?? Well, although that still happens I truly have seen your prayers at work, because most recently I have more guys answering their phones and meeting up. PTL.

Back to this past week. I was able to meet a 28 yr old guy we can call Abe. Abe used to be a sniper in the military. His dad is an imam.  And he lives in a very conservative town south of the capital.

As we met and talked and got to know each other a bit he began to talk about some random topics (this is not uncommon). But then he began telling me how many Christians have converted to his faith and he started listing Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, etc, etc, etc…

I let him finish then I said, “listen Abe, let’s not talk about those guys. You and I will never talk to any of them.” Then I asked him, “Abe, forget about all those other people, what is your goal? Where are you headed in your faith?” Then with a very surprising response Abe replies, “I want to become a believer.” Then I asked, “Can you tell me how you have come to this conclusion?” His reply, “You will have wait until the next time we meet.”

It’s usually my job to try to set up a second meeting, but this son of an imam set up his own second apt. He also says he wants to bring his girlfriend because she is also interested.

Abe’s story is obviously long from complete. And only God knows what he has on his heart. But PTL that all of us get to have at least a small part of what God is doing. Maybe God will use Abe to start a great work in his town. 

I love my job. I get to meet and follow up with guys like Abe. I seriously couldn’t imagine God having me in a better place. But you all encourage, pray and support us. You read our blog and pray for us. You obediently love and share the faith to people who are curious in the US and around the world. So this makes all of us involved in Abe’s journey and all the other’s whom God is drawing.

Friends, these are exciting times. Let’s remain faithful and stay the course. Prayer is our primary work!!

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We made it! 

As Stevie has been updating away about the amazing God stories, the kids and I have been trudging away through the end of a school year. I have to admit the past few weeks I’ve come home exhausted and grumpy almost everyday. BUT…. today is the day! Last day of school!!!!

We officially made it to summertime! Here are a few pics of our last week at school.

This teacher is ready to revive herself this summer and start again in the fall. 

Winner of the spelling bee

Spelling bee judges

Olympic day sumo wrestling

Huge rainstorm that flooded the streets and washed everything clean! 

He looks how I feel

Round two of bunnies! Alive and well!!!
Ella’s last day of Arabic class!

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Ramadan story #2

So tonight, as I sat down to call a bunch of guys to set up meetings to deliver a book or meet to follow up, I received this message from our Facebook admin people:

عسلامة 😄

عندي خبر مزيان 

انا قررت نقبل المسيح في حياتي و نؤمن انو يسوع فداني على الصليب بش يغفرلي خطاياي 😃

اما تو شنوة الخطوة الجاية?


He sent a message saying that he accepted The Son and that he believes that The Son gave him salvation on the cross to forgive his sins. what s the next step?

This guy is in his last year of HS. He hasn’t been able to meet me because he is studying hard for his college entrance exams.

To catch you up on this guy… we can call him MJ… he is in HS, his best friend’s mom is a believer and she gave him a book. His other best friend, Sam, is also interested in following The Son.

I have only met MJ twice. Once for about 10min to give his friend Sam a Book and another time to have coffee with him and his friend Sam. So the things happening in his life are nearly 100% driven by the HS. I’ve been sitting waiting for his tests to be over because he said we can meet after his exams. 

Here’s my point. The Father and His Spirit are drawing this kid without much assistance from anywhere else. Somewhere I have heard it said, “if you seek me you will find me if you seek me with all your heart.” We now have MORE evidence that these words are true!!

Raise your hand if you think these stories are made up!

Raise your hand if you sometimes struggle believing The Father is active in this world.

Raise your hand if you are re-encouraged to believe God is at work!

IT IS HAPPENING… in lives here, in lives everywhere, in your life.

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Ramadan story #1

I’m too excited to go directly to sleep right now. Too many good things to share at the moment. It’s 1:00am, I just got back from meeting with a new guy for the first time after chatting for an hour and giving him a Book and I realize I gotta catch you all up on what the Father has been doing as of late.

So this last Wednesday I met with a new Facebook contact for the first time. We will call him Peter. Peter is 58yrs old. When we met he starts right into the fact that last September he came to faith. Was soon dunked. Once he came to faith he began posting “faith” things on his Facebook page.

Well, immediately a young niece of his asked him about his Facebook posts and if he is a believer. She then goes on to tell him that she also has become a believer. 

Then a few weeks later another older niece who is 56yrs old also asked him what is up with his Facebook posts. She also asked him if he is a believer. Then she goes on to tell him she has been a believer for several years.

Since these events his older uncle has come to faith as well as someone else in his family. He is regularly involved in prayer mtgs and small groups. But he wants to know how to multiply himself into the lives of others.

We are meeting this week to discuss some strategy with him…

So there you go. There’s a Ramadan story for you. Aslan working in the lives of 5 people in the same family. And we thought stuff like this couldn’t happen. Or didn’t happen. The reality is… IT IS HAPPENING!

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To our Connecticut chchs…

This video is particularly for our Connecticut network of warriors that stand by us.

In the video we try to keep things short and sweet. But so you fully understand what I mean by “follow up” I wanted to explain further. I have the unique opportunity to be one of the people that get to call local seekers who message us through Facebook or a website. We belong to a network of people who aggressively seek out people who are curious about the Son. There is a huge online campaign to find those who are seeking. Once the online contact has been established as strong then I am one of a couple dozen people who get to call these individuals to meet face to face, hand them a book and often times guide them into the faith and into discipleship.

So when I say guys aren’t calling back at the moment what I mean is once the initial phone call happens or after the initial face to face visit, it seems like the enemy is working extra time to keep them from returning for subsequent visits.

I hope this make sense and helps inform your prayers.

Here’s the video:

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The places wood is taken us.

As you know we are truly wanting to encourage the economy and find spiritual inroads in NAfrica so exporting olive wood has become a great road for that. However, until we get all things figured out in NAfrica, it hasn’t kept us from sources wood from places like Italy.

We have our third olive wood container about to ship and this time it is coming from Italy. I had the duty last week to lay eyes on our investment before it ships out.

While in beautiful southern Italy I might as well stay an extra night and spend time with the Lord on the coast, right?

Jenny gave me “permission” 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♂️ to go early and rent a car so I could open my Spirit in a fresh way to the Lord.

So I found a little cubby hole on this beach and slept in my tiny rental.

Here’s some of the products we are purchasing from Italy. That top picture is th base of an olive wood trunk they say is between 600-1000yrs old. How cool and beautiful will this one-of-a-kind product be? The second picture are the turning stock pieces we have found sell well in the US. Wood turners use these pieces to carve bowls and such.

While there I was confronted with a beautiful spiritual reality that comes from the natural realm. When we read in Scripture about God wanting to prune us like a tree or vine, I think most of us have the image of removing a few tiny dead branches here and there.

However, for an olive tree to become most productive they must be chopped down to the core. This allows new branches to grow and bring fresh fruit. 

That’ll preach, huh?

This is God’s economy in every way. Both our lives and our trade. We are diligently working hard to see this olive wood business succeed. But we call upon divine favor because we are weak. And we have found it to be true that God cares more about pruning us than He does us succeeding. But success is also of the Lord, correct?

Let’s not forget this image below:

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A big victory for everyone!

We want to tell the story in pictures of how far we have all come in just over one year with our olive wood dream.

Just over a year ago (Feb 2016) we began to do research about the possibilities of exporting olive wood from NAfrica to OWT in Lexington. Here’s our very first picture of olive wood trees in NAfrica:

Then Nathan and I buy our first olive wood slab from a woodcraft store in Lexington to experiment with this wood:

Right around Mother’s Day last year we had an open house in Lexington for people to come and see and hear this dream.

Here’s our first truckload of wood last fall in NAfrica (you might remember, the first round was a disaster… the guys brought us fire wood, not export worthy logs):

Round two (now we’re talkin’):

Pics of the logs getting milled in NAfrica:

Shipping from NAfrica:

Arrival to Lexington:

The preparation of our first order:

And finally, after just over a year of our announcement to begin exporting olive wood from NAfrica, we delivered our first tables to our first customer… FAC in Lexington. On Mother’s Day 2017 we were able to deliver 7 bar height coffee tables to our mother chch in Lexington.

This has been a nearly unbearable journey. We are still in the midst of extremely difficult times. Simply put, this has been really hard.

However, each and everyone one of you reading this has prayed, given, encouraged or visited at one time or another. We did not get to this point on our own work ethic or genius. Not even close. This has been a victory for all of us.

In the midst of such hard (but good) times, we believe this victory demands celebrating and giving thanks to all of you and to the Lord we all serve together.

Let’s PTL together!

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4 dunkings in 1 weekend

Ten years ago people didn’t see 4 people dunked in an entire year. Among our network of partners this last weekend we had 4 dunkings in 3 different places around the city. 

The guy I told you about last week went through with his ceremony in the pool at our house. The other ones “went under” in the mediterranean.

Just since January our network has had 27 ppl “go under.” The college campus “workers” we are friends with have seen 80 students come to The Son since the start of the 2016 school year till now. I have 3 new guys this week alone wanting to have a first time meeting with me.

This is unprecedented in countries like this. 

I know there are an innumerable amount of difficult things in your life and in this world as we speak. But we can believe without any uncertainty that our Father is still in the business of reconciliation and healing. It’s happening here after centuries of generational chains and darkness…

Aslan may not be safe, but He is good and He is on the move!!

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Friends, dogs and dead bunnies

Thank the Lord for great friends. One benefit of real good friends is you can dog sit for each other. For the two weeks we were in the US our close friends David and Emily watched our dog Kira. Kira and their dog Seneca get along like old college roommates. They play great. So it’s actually helpful to have them entertain each other.

Anyways, David and Emily were headed out of town, so this weekend became our turn to dog sit.

Unfortunately we did not get a chance to get Seneca acclimated with the bunnies. So, as I came home late in the morning last Friday, from outside the house I could hear Seneca barking like a mad woman. Yup, you guessed it. She didn’t know what to do with the bunnies except to try to eat them. When I got home they were both dead.

If you are keeping count at home this makes 7 for 7 bunnies who have used our home as a portal for bunny heaven. Our average length of living bunnies at 107 Vingt Mars (our address) is about 8 days. These last two only lasted 5.

So what does this dad do? He let’s the kids cry it out, he prepares a burial ceremony, then he takes the kids back to the bunny market to have yet another go at it. At $3/bunny it’s hard to not keep trying.

But this time I bought a cage strong enough for a nuclear blast. At least that’s what I understood from the bunny cage salesman as he pitched me in Arabic. 

We don’t surrender easy here at thebrownspot4 central command center. When good friends let their dog eat our bunnies, we get new friends… wait, I mean, we get new bunnies. Good friends are worth way more than $3 Bucks.


​old bunnies (round#3)

New bunnies (round #4)

Nuclear Proof Cage (🤔🤥😝)

Let’s see how long they live 😳

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