The 6 day south tour in photo & video form.

Hey everyone. I know it’s late and most of you are asleep. But I’m finishing up my preparations to share this Sunday at FAC in Lexington and I thought to send some teasers.

Not everyone will be able to make it Sunday, so here are some images of faces that you have prayed for. For those of you coming Sunday you will get a chance to hear some stories behind these same faces.

Here are some of the scenes we captured as we went 6 days into the south, met with over 33 people and nearly saw every singles quadrant of the country we live in.

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Sharing at First Alliance on July 7th (Sunday)

Greetings friends-

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer. And hope your vacations are a time of deep renewal.

Just a heads up. We will be sharing at First Alliance in Lexington, Ky on July 7th. Services are at 9am and 10:45am.

If any of you will be in town we’d love to see you.

In the meantime our kids are getting good cousin time…

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“And to the remotest parts of the earth.”

Greetings everyone.

We arrived safely home last night after our 6 day “tour.” We must give thanks to the Lord for answering so many prayers and being the faithful God he is. We never had an accident, we never ran out of gas, we never got into any dangerous predicaments and many eternal works were accomplished. And thank you to everyone who prayed.

Here are some stats of what happened:

We made contact with 33 total people.

We gave out over 25 books.

We ended up meeting people in 15 total cities.

Approximately 20 of the people we met are new believers who have either never met other believers or have only had a visit one other time.

We came less than one Kilometer to reaching Algeria on the west and 2 days later we met a guy in the last city before Libya.

We discovered 3 new believers.

We traveled over 2200 kilometers.

One particular story that was really neat… a guy we will name Neji has been waiting two years for someone to visit. He is 34 yrs old, with a wife and baby girl. After calling for two days without an answer, he finally answered his phone. He was extremely eager to meet us. Once we got to his town he came straight to the cafe to talk with us.

He was extremely persistent to have us go to his house to meet his wife and little girl. We found out his wife has been a believer for about 10 years. When they married he wasn’t at believe. He began to believe 2 years ago. We met at their house for only a short time, prayed with them, encouraged them and left them with about 5 Books they asked for to give to friends.

Since leaving he has called us several times. One big prayer request he had was that he needed a job. So we prayed. Two days later he called us to say he found a job. I don’t know a lot of details, but I do know he is very happy and encouraged.

There are many other stories of His faithfulness and mercy. He is moving all throughout the country here. So many of these guys are in super remote places. But the body here is working together to reach all these places and see people come to faith and grow in the faith.

It’s messy. Super messy. But it’s still so beautiful.

Thank you again for your prayers. You people are awesome for crying out on behalf of the people here.

May His Kingdom come here as it is in Heaven.

For some reason pics aren’t downloading. Will send more soon.

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A few more Tails…

Details. That is.

Hey everybody, it’s Jenny! Yes, the kids and I are starting to relax here in Ohio while Stevie is still hard at work! We just talked to him a little bit ago and their first day of the trip went really well. Here are a few more details and a map for you to see where he will be…

I don’t think he mentioned but they did rent a car to help out in the arena of security. Never can be too careful of who is watching for a ‘strange’ American traveling to remote places with some books in his trunk.

Two of the cities he will be in have a very heavy Islamic feel. I have only ever been to one of them and had a migraine the entire time. It’s dark there.

A lot of dynamics happening in the car. Although Stevie does really well speaking arabic, it still is exhausting to function in that for several days straight. As he asked, pray that he stays alert in driving and fresh in thinking and speaking.

Here’s a little map of where they will be!

Hopefully he will have a lot of stories for us when they return!

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Very valuable 6 days ahead!

Thank you in advance for praying for me, Mag, Soufi and Ferj (all aliases for security reasons) as the four of us travel to 11 Cities in 8 states south of the country.

We have a few dozen people we will be meeting. We are taking over 25 “Good Books” to give to people who have never had their own before. We will be staying in some pretty random sleeping arrangements. I am the only driver. I need prayer for alertness and safety as I drive about 20 total hours.

We pray people will come to faith, others will be encouraged in their young faith, and others will be inspired to live fully for Him and multiply themselves in others. We are desperate to be filled by the HS to maximize each moment.

Thank you for your prayers.

Below are some videos of other trips we’ve taken. It gives an idea of what goes down “as we go…”

We made this video for us to look back on 20 years from now. We were answering the question, “What will you be doing in 20 years.” These are the same guys going with me tomorrow.

Goofing around one day between meetings…

May His Kingdom come in the south of this country as it is in Heaven.

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Some important updates…

Hey peeps. Hope everyone is doing well. Today is the first day of “el 3id sghir” meaning the celebrations that happen at the end of Ramadan. It’s a little bit like Christmas Day.

1) Jenny, Ella and Max are in the air headed back to the good ol’ USofA.

They have headed back and and I will join them in 12 days.

2) We are coming back to America this summer for various reasons, the most significant of all because my kid sister, Liz, is getting married to an amazing man, Eric Evans.

3) I’ve stayed back in order to take a special 6 day trip to 11 Cities, 8 states, south of the country. I and 3 other Arab believers (one Egyptian and two local disciples) are going to meet up with approximately 30 people (Some who are wanting to know about the faith, some who are young in the faith, and some who are disciplers who need encouragement). It’s going to be an intense 6 days of meetings. Please pray for us. We leave Sunday morning early and will return Friday. May we walk by the Spirit!

4) We finally received our definitive residence cards:

This is a huge answer to prayer 2 years in the making. Thanks to Old World Timber: North Africa we can come and go as we please.

5) Our OWT office is hosting a project that is translating the NT in our local dialect. It’s been a pleasure and a blessing to be able to provide a safe place for local believers to come and translate what will be a complete oral Book in the local dialect.

6) One of Ella’s best friends/classmates is moving to Switzerland and we went to the movies with her family all together for one last hooray. We saw the new Aladdin. Her friend is half Egyptian, half Algerian and 100% a beautiful soft hearted girl Ella has loved on well.

7) I was sick this week for the first time in what seems like years until Jenny’s essential oils cured me. Thank you God for making Oregano oil.

8) Jenny is officially going to be the director of CCA’s elementary school next year. More of that to come. But I’m so proud of her Turner family work ethic.

9) We continue to live life “abounding with JOY” as Pastr Steve E imparted on us so many years ago. Life is really hard. Life is really challenging. But our JOY remains. Thanks to all of you for your continued support, love and prayers.

10) We love Jesus!

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His Words through your words are nurturing!!

Jenny and I have both read all your comments and encouragements. This screen shot is just a sample of what we received from all you good people. Thank you once again.

The Lord IS good. The Lord IS faithful. The Lord truly does not sleep or become weary and tired.

I was encouraged by you all that asking “WHY” is simply a reminder of my limited humanity. I was reminded from you all of God’s desire for me to be humble and to wait upon the Lord. As John the Baptist said, may He increase and may I decrease.

I know God is at work. I know He is doing the miraculous on a daily basis. I was reminded by a local young believer of even the miracles that are Ella and Max. This guy doesn’t have clue of our story with infertility, but God spoke through him to me to remind me that I have living proof of His miracles in front of me every day.

My heart still aches for Alex and the many other people in my life who are suffering from various tests in life. And His heart aches more.

Lord, we need YOU every hour!

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I feel abandoned.

Hey everyone-

I truly want to thank everyone for your prayers for Alex and for us as we met with him yesterday. We were able to deliver the clear message of the cross in a way he had never heard, but there was no deliverance of evil spirits.

To be honest, I am very discouraged. I don’t want to give an over emotional rant, but I also don’t want to put up a false self to all of you who care for and love us so deeply. So many of you ask for details. I want to honor those requests and desires. And since king David didn’t hold back his sense of temporary abandonment, then God can handle hearing my pain in this as well.

I know how I feel right now is clouded by my humaneness; it’s clouded by my limited wisdom; it’s clouded by my “not yet finished” sanctified self. But here is what I feel… I feel I had done what He asked me to do. As far as I know how, I gleaned from His Word, His people and locals around me to embody the truth and promises He has already given us all. I embraced the delegated authority He has already delivered to those who believe. I worked really hard to bring a local believer into the journey with Alex in the midst of very difficult scheduling conflicts. In fact, it’s been almost two years now battling with Alex in several meetings to arrive to this very moment. We prepared for a few hours before we even met with Alex. Then Alex tried to cancel and we fought through to make the meeting happen. Then we spent 4 hours with Alex in focused and intentional deliverance material and truths. In total I spend 7 hours on Saturday to allow God space to do what only God can do.

And then… nothing. When I say nothing I don’t dare try to mean that I know all things. But this young man has been tormented by evil spirits for 9 years, has tried many other sources to get relief, and we brought him before the throne and I FEEL Jesus either forgot, was asleep or simply chose not to come. I really and truly felt abandoned.

There have been many heavy things over the last few weeks that I have not chosen to carry on my own. I have had a peace that He is working and is going to work. And since I know I’m “outmatched” on my own, Saturday was just one of many other things that God either shows up for or else I’m defeated, and I FEEL He chose to stay home.

His promises are true. God doesn’t change. He is a good God. He is all powerful. He loves Alex and every other lost person more than I do. These things I believe. And these things are true.

However, I FEEL abandoned. And right now I’m struggling to know how I can fight the next battle feeling like He may not show up for that one either.

Since we are all too weak live out “our calling” alone, any of your words of encouragement will be read, studies and meditated on.

I’m not giving up, but I certainly feel temporarily defeated.

May healing come to Alex in His timing.

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Is today the day for Alex to be delivered?

Friends and family-

Me and one other local believer guy are meeting Alex today at 8am your time (1pm here).

I believe with all my heart that today is the day of deliverance and salvation for Alex.

We are coming prepared and strategic to this meeting. We have the delegated authority of the Lord Js Chr.

Thank you for praying on behalf of the salvation and deliverance of Alex.

Here was my message to our prayer group here:

Meeting today again at 1p with the boy who needs delivered.

We believe today is the day of deliverance.

Please pray for “Alex.”

He has given us permission to pray in His name and deliver in His name, but at this point he is not unconditionally willing to follow Him.

Pray salvation and deliverance to come to this “home.”

So encouraged to fight all these battles alongside each of you.

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The “plant” is growing.

The Sunday morning new chch plant is growing slowly but consistently. Because of Ramadan we decided to take a day trip two hours out of town spending time together hiking and reading and going through a new study that we have begun. Jenny and the kids and myself all went with the new group.

It was genuinely a good time.

The best part of the day was finding a cafe in the middle of a mountain area that had tables underneath olive trees. We did a Bbl study then ate lunch. It was a very good moment for all.

The worst part of the day was right when we arrived to the top of a mountain next to the ocean. Kira (our dog) jumped out and immediately started chasing some sheep. We all were completely unaware that the area we stopped at had a bunch of legit cliffs all around. Kira disappeared chasing the sheep.

After an hour looking all over the rocks and cliffs and being convinced we had lost our dog (I feared most she fell and was dead on a rock) Ella finally spotted her about 300 yards down the mountain side. She is alive and we are rejoicing.

We feel covered in prayer for a full day of good things all around.

Here are some pics of our day with our tiny little chch plant.

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