Napster is asking how to be saved

It’s been a really long day. But it ended with the guy Napster I wrote about asking what are the conditions to becoming a believer.

We went through the Roman road. We are going through Matthew. This guy is soooo close.

Thanks for supporting us friends. Thanks for praying. It’s hard here. It’s tiring at times. But it’s really good.

Good to bed now.

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Alex showed up. The invitation is up next.

Thanks for your prayers everyone. Alex did indeed come. We were two hours together. He shared more back story. Certainly his family was involved in dark things. He talked a lot. I listened a lot.

Eventually I shared with him several Scriptures the Father put on my heart. He is very hesitant. Doesn’t want religion at all. I kept trying to invite him on a journey.

In the end he said he is willing to meet again and willingly invite The Son to come and do with these spirits as He sees fit.

I believe we have a throwdown ahead of us. We must pray for Alex to return once again, we must pray for a temporary restraining order over these spirits. And we must pray for Alex’s heart to be ready to risk inciting The Son in.

Thanks for you prayers. Continue to pray for this young man. He had attempted suicide a couple times in his life already. He just wants these things gone.

Come Lord Jesus!

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Meeting Alex “with bad spirits” today at 11:30am US time.

Had a change of plans today. My partner and I were suppose to meet with the guy who has bad spirits living inside of him today at 10:30am. The guy rescheduled for 4:30p (11:30am EST).

I didn’t tell you all yet because he hadn’t solidified the meeting. Now that it seems the meeting is definitely on I am asking for you prayers of healing and freedom for him, and the covering of protection and power for me.

Our Lord heals. And He has given us His Spirit of power, love and a sound mind. I need a manifestation of that power today.

Thank you. Will keep in touch.

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2 more new believers in one week.

Hey everyone hope you’re doing well. I’m dictating this post because I’m on my way headed to see yet another guy. However I wanted to update everyone on two new pieces of good news.

Last week I went with some local partners and other believers to the south and we saw a 60-year-old man come to faith. Totally encouraging totally miraculous. PTL.

Then just this morning I got to sit next to my Egyptian partner as we saw a 29-year-old guy with a crazy crazy backstory also come to faith. I’m blown away and encouraged to see these lives changed and to truly see in such a dark place people find the light. Every new time is just as miraculous as previous times.

I’m privileged to be able to meet with these guys and to share the message that you guys sent us here to share. Do not forget I am the mouth but all of us are the body. We may be the point of this spear but all of us play a part in what is happening. You are the point of the spear elsewhere. Don’t forget that.

Be encouraged. Your prayers are penetrating darkness. Our Lord is winning. My tears are starting to fall.The war is won. The battle rages on. But we can do all things through Him. These are good days. Thank you for not forgetting us. Thank you for continuing to get on your knees. More tears are coming down my face. As I realize what a privileged life I get to live.

Will update more again soon.

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Some wedding footage

Jenny and I were able to attend a wedding last night in the south without the kiddos. Ella and Max stayed with some friends while us two got to go to a wedding that went until 1:30am.

We think some of you would enjoy seeing some of the footage of local dancing and wedding wear.

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A new guy “Napster” is so close to believing.

In case anyone sees my brother don’t tell him that I took off work tonight for about an hour to meet up with a guy who has been hard to catch. I usually work on Mondays from about 9am-11pm. I try to get tons of wood stuff done on Mondays so I can be more free later in the week for family and follow up. But last Monday night and tonight I took advantage of a newer guy who is really really warm and spent an hour with him.

I’ll call him Napster because he seriously doesn’t have a job, hasn’t started classes yet, but only says he can meet at night. I often want to smack him. He literally said he is a little allergic to the sun. Total bull I think.

Anyways, I have actually known Napster for nearly a year and a half, but he has been so fickle that I’ve struggled to not give up on him.

He is a stereotypical local young guy who just isn’t organized, true to his word or committed to much. It’s often hard to know how serious he is. However, I met him last week and we went over Matthew 1-2. This week we covered Matthew 3.

He asked if there are any conditions to becoming a believer. We skipped to Rom3, Rom6 and Rom10 to discuss confession of mouth and belief from heart.

He was asking all the right questions and he is alluding to the fact that he is close, he just needs to wrap his mind around a few things (ie how can God be all knowing and also we have a free will).

Pray for Napster. May we all witness him come to faith soon.

(And thanks to all who have written reviews on OWT google sight. It’s been encouraging all day to see those reviews keep coming in).

Mucho love. Your prayers are being felt for real. Jenny had good news she will share soon.


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Take 1 minute to help big time!!

Hey friends-

I’m gonna make this super short and sweet.

As most of you know I work with my brother at Old World Timber. I’m mostly on the sales and marketing side of things. For example, over the last year I’ve been managing our branding and postings on social media. This also puts me in charge of our success on the Google search engine.

It would be a huge help to take 1-2 minutes and leave a review at the link right below. There is a place to give us 1-5 stars and also leave a written review. Doing both would help our success not just with wood but this entire international spiritual operation.

Please CLICK HERE to leave a review for Old World Timber.

I manage the responses so I will see who leaves a response. This is one modern way to support us in a huge way. We are not asking for money. We hardly ever do. But helping in this way is just like helping financially. And also getting your friend to leave us a review is double awesome. What a great way to celebrate Labor Day!! 👍

Thanks a ton friends.

Happy Labor Day.


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Let’s not lose heart.

We were able to totally redeem the day. I had three initial appointments with different guys. Two cancelled including Alex.

So I went to the phone and Facebook and set up more apts. I just wish I could have a film crew capture what God is doing. I feel undeserving to be able to be the one to meet these guys face to face.

It is clear God is up to big things because plenty more spiritual warfare came above the surface again. So many hard but beautiful stories. Demonic activity as well as real healing.

I’ll keep you updated.

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Alex cancelled on us.

I wanted to keep everyone posted. I know many are praying and we are so thankful for that.

But late last night he said he had to take today to enroll in university. Mostly he just came up with an excuse because he never answered me back after I tried to switch the day around.

Alex operates lots out of fear. No question. Continue to pray. I will continue to stay on him.

Again, thanks for praying. Only Alex and the HS and our prayers can move this forward.

In His powerful name!!

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Alex the demoniac needs prayer.

About a year ago I met Alex. He is about 25yrs old and has had demons living inside him for about 8 years. He came to us because he wanting healing. He has been to another country in NAfrica seeking healing from a witch doctor. He has had plans to go further south in Africa because he has heard ppl there can help.

He has only met us over the last year 3 times. He says he doesn’t believe in a God who would allow the pain he experiences. He says the demons don’t let him sleep at night and they have grown to burn the inside of his chest consistently. He has even said he has seen them move inside and seen his skin actually move.

He has told us he doesn’t want religion. He just wants this taken away. He says he would be an atheist if he didn’t have this living proof of spirits in his body.

He has told us even if The Son healed him he is not interest in following him.

He is well read so knows his stuff and knows the crap that “religions” claim.

He has agreed to discover with us what we believe will heal him. We met two weeks ago and he agreed to meet regularly to see what happens. He is finally willing to discover a new answer.

We meet this Thursday at 10:30am (5:30am EST). Please pray for this meeting and for Alex. And if you hear particular words of wisdom or Scripture from the Lord please share them with me.

You can email me at steviebarca10@gmail.com any words or Scripture you have from the Lord.

We need prayer. We are clearly in uncommon territory. We need the HS, power from Him, discernment, and eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand.

Would you pray with us and for us once again?

Thank you saints.

In His name and by His blood!

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