Calling all Teachers

Hi friends! We need your help!

We will have a few openings in our school next year! If you know of a teachable teacher who loves God, loves to travel and is interested in adventure please tell them about us!

Next year our school will be opening the middle and high school. It’s such an exciting time and we know that He knows the perfect people to come join this team of teachers. Please pray with us that God leads us to the right people to come and work at CCA! Email me if you have anyone interested.

Feel free to check out our website…


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Marriage Retreat Success

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us this weekend! The sessions were stellar, the kids program was awesome and we are so grateful for the time we had together to rest before jumping back into another busy week of life!

There were over thirty couples from all over our country who work like we do! It was powerful to all take rest together and be filled up to continue on!

I didn’t take many pictures but here are a few….these are our faces after an hour couples massage… I won a book! My name was drawn out of a hat!

And Max and Ella ate french fries and ice cream at almost every meal!

Praising God for his good gift of rest! May we all enjoy it more often!

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It’s me, Jenny.

Hi friends! Sorry I’ve left you here all alone with Stevie. Mostly kidding. Just thought I’d confess that I spent the last thirty minutes reading his latest posts and learned several things I didn’t even know. How’s that for communication in the Brown home?! Well, let’s just say we are in a busy season of life.

This weekend we are headed to a marriage retreat about one hour south on the beach, with about thirty other couples who live and work here like we do.

I mostly came on the blog to ask that you all would be in prayer for our family this weekend. We want rest and fun and times of deep communication. The kids will be well taken care of from a fabulous team of people coming from America! Please pray that Stevie and I connect to The Father together in refreshing ways!

Stay tuned next week- we will show you pictures of our restful weekend, His beautiful country and (my personal favorite) the beach!

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Are you ready to Throwdown??

Ok, super duper cheesy title.

But, some of you would be excited to hear how life at CrossFit has continued to unfold.

Mostly CrossFit has become my source of 1) staying healthy to suppress the cancer tumor that still abides in my body, 2) stress relief and emotional therapy, 3) a chance to workout with some of my closest friends and 4) get to develop relationships with young, disciplined professionals from this country.

Two years ago when the first CrossFit box opened here I was able to help coach and train for the first year. Then last year I was simply a customer. And that fit my schedule more working with wood and doing follow up.

Last year our gym sponsored the first ever Tunisian Throwdown and I was able to come in 3rd place for old dudes over 35yrs old.

This year they asked me to be the emcee and although I wanted to compete I felt like my best time is spent getting to touch and encourage the other athletes. I want to influence the CrossFit community and love on them more than I care to compete.

And that was able to happen in a big way. I’ve made some good friends and been able to be an influencer of sorts for these young, motivated athletes who don’t have many champions in their corner.

It was the best way for me to put my gifting son display in a CrossFit environment. God is at work even at Aecor Crossfit!! Praise Him.

(If you want to see some of the high professional production videos go to Tunisian Throwdown on Facebook. It’s quite impressive how well these guys pulled off this event)

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Alex cut me off :(

Hey friends.

Please be in prayer for Alex. I’ve messaged and called him a few times this week to check in and see when we would meet this Friday as we had planned.

He has since blocked me on Facebook and his cell. I’m afraid he has not received the healing he was expecting and is done with us.

Please pray for him, for his healing and deliverance and most important his soul.

I feel as if I’ve betrayed him and been too weak in my own faith. I know this is false, but it’s how I feel. Please pray for The Son to reveal Himself in a mighty and miraculous way to Alex in spite of me and my partner.

This young man is crying for deliverance and he wants to be freed. Our Savior is the Only one to free him. Thank you friends.

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Met with Alex.

Thank you friends and family who were praying for our meeting with Alex yesterday.

The fact that the meeting happened, at the time it was suppose to happen and everything went as planned was a huge answer to prayer.

My partner and I met with Alex for a little over two hours. Although he is extremely skeptical and is tired of empty results from all sorts of failed attempts at finding relief from the bad spirits living inside of him, he still agreed to verbally invite The Son to come and join us in the meeting.

We shared Scripture over him and then prayed very directly for deliverance and healing. While he said when we first started he could feel the spirits moving inside of him, by the time we were done he said he wasn’t feeling them. However there was no big manifestation. There wasn’t any noticeable drama or event. Me and my partner simply did what we see evidenced in His Word.

Alex immediately agreed we could meet again Friday. I wanted to demonstrate to him we are here for the long haul. I tried calling him today and he didn’t answer yet.

While I believe in healing and I believe The Son can heal, and I believe Alex can be healed, I have to be honest, I’m struggling with confidence.

Please pray for Alex. For complete deliverance and salvation to come to his heart.

Also please pray for me and my partner. We need guidance, confidence, greater faith, more of Him.

We are all of us in this together!


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Alex the demoniac- meet Monday at 8:30am

Many of you have prayed and continue to pray for Alex, thé young man I have written about having bad spirits living inside of him for the last 8 years.

It has been a really inconsistent journey with him. He goes back and forth between not caring to meet, not wanting to meet, being afraid to meet.

We have it set (me and my partner) to meet with him Monday morning at 8:30am our time. That’s 3:30am EST.

We have met him a couple other times since August and he has agreed to allow The Son to be invited to do whatever He chooses. Alex has no interest in religion or The Son. But he says he is open to whatever will free him. The deception of the enemy has taken its toll on Alex’s mind.

Please pray for me and my partner to be able to help Alex find freedom in the name of The Son!

I don’t know how I would do this life without knowing so many of you are praying for us.

Many thank! In Him!!

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Updated prayer list (110 names)

Just emailed an updated list of all the names of locals that I have the privilege to work with and know.

43 names of believers that I have regular contact with.

21 names are close but not-yet-believers whom I have regular contact with.

46 names are not responding but we have their names and can pray them into the Kingdom.

Let us know if you want the list but didn’t receive the list.

Aslan is on the move!!

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Good things menu!

We continue to see many good things happen. In fact it feels sometimes like there is not enough time to breath between one good thing and the next.

Possibly the best solution is to share the latest menu of food things happening so you can see them all at once.

1) Mad Dog got dunked!! Saturday morning my partner and I were able to gather about 15 other locals and we all went to the Mediterranean to dunk Mad Dog. It was such a great moment. Mad Dog was so happy. PTL

(Mad Dog is the one in the red hat)

2) My Egyptian friend and “partner” got married Saturday. It had a huge attendance. Many young believers we have been working with, even not yet believers came, and many more. It was truly a big success.

3) Kais, my barber, the one who has been cutting Max’s hair (and me when I used to have hair) finally got married last night as well. My best friend Mehdi and I were able to go and celebrate with him. My heart was full.

4) Jenny and her good friend, Gretchen, through a big joint party for our two kids and their two kids. It was of course Star Wars theme. We had it at the park so it became a huge spectacle with many onlookers. The kids had a blast. Life is good.

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Our latest newsletter just went out!

Hey friends. We have been doing well. We feel your prayers daily, and that’s not hyperbole. It’s the truth.

Check your emails.

Make sure and check your spam email or any category of email where our newsletter might get tucked away.

SOME GREAT NEWS- Mad Dog is getting dunked this Saturday at 5am EST. We plan to have a group of local believers all join us as we dunk this man of faith. Thanks for your prayers.

All for His Glory!

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