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Answered olive wood prayers.

We are well aware of the fact that we don’t always find the time, bandwidth or discipline to complete everyone blog post that is left open ended.  For example, each story of what God is doing in the life of any one person is clearly a story in progress. We would love to help everyone stay updated on each story here, but it’s not realistic. Thanks for understanding and thanks for being patient with us.

However, I did want to update everyone on a unique prayer that has remained open ended until yesterday. Last December and January, you may recall, we were asking prayer for a potentially huge olive wood customer. That customer did give us a “pre-order” of what they would take. However it would require us taking a risk on buying another container full of such olive wood products. So, we took the risk. I’ve gone to Italy a couple times since then to discover and double check on such products. We asked for prayer. We purchased an entire container. The container has now landed in Lexington. And as of yesterday the prayers, you could say, have come to bear fruit in full. We received the real time order from one nationwide store and expect many more just like it from different stores of the same chain. 

PTL. He is at work in our company like He is in the lives of millions of people all over the world. The pain of transformation is usually not enjoyable, but it produces good things. And in the midst of our personal and company transformation, God continues to answer prayers for sales as well.

Thank you for praying. There is much more work to be done. But the Lord continues to hear and answer. 

It is happaneing. And each of you are to thank. PTL!

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The heat is on HIGH!

So, here’s the current temperature update:

So, when the temperature rises above 100 degrees you don’t need to warm up before working out. I don’t really know what I’m saying. I’m trying to come up with creative word pictures to say that as the summer heat in August gets to be nearly unbearable, God doesn’t stop… so neither do we.

Here’s some of the latest spiritual things that have heated up:

– recently I’ve met with and delivered a book to a guy in a dangerous neighborhood who is a radiologist. He has great questions. Remains interested. And by the sounds of it he is studying on his own. 

– another guy I just met this week is about my age. He is married with a 3 yr old girl and his wife is pregnant. He is essentially an independent pharmaceutical sales rep. He used to be a doctor but now sells to doctors. He is a huge reader. Knows a little about all the world religions. This guy was super stoked to get his first Book. Has only had a french copy up to this point. He is totally open to keep meeting and as I shared vison stuff with him about what God is doing, he mentioned how he has the chance to converse with many doctors who are open to discuss faith. It’s like he already has a pre-faith heart to share truth.

– tomorrow I’m meeting up again for the second time with a guy who is convinced he has spirits attacking him. (We have a whole prayer circle lifting up this guys, so don’t fret). But he has searched for 6 years how to get rid of these spirits and perhaps he is ready for the power of the Blood to heal him.

These are just three recent stories to demonstrate how the spiritual heat continues to burn hot here.

Monday I meet with a guy to discuss when he will get dunked. 

It’s getting hot here and we ain’t talking heat index. When Aslan moves, He evidently brings the heat.

Thank you Lord!!

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Five Year Ramblings

Today is a day of reflection! Five years ago, August 7th, we arrived in this new country for the first time. Max was ten months old, Ella was 5, Stevie and I were about 26. Or something like that.   🙂

I remember the airport when we waited in the customs line. It was hot, unfamiliar, and somewhat scary. We had no idea what the signs said or what the people were saying. Everything was foreign. 

Our friends, Darrell and Cheryl, picked us up and we stayed at their house for one night. I remember waking up the next day and Ella had been awake for a while barfing. Cheryl had her on the couch and somehow little Ella was still happy and excited to see our new home (adventure ran deep in Ella’s veins even then). 

They drove us to Bardo- our new home. Our house was pleasantly surprising! A perfect fit for us. 

The next few weeks were filled with one adventure after another. Wait, what? Actually, the past five years have been that way. 

Right now I am currently sitting in the same living room. Now our fingerprints are all throughout this place, my pictures have been hung and re-hung; the furniture arranged and re-arranged. Visitors have come and gone time and time again. We’ve spent numerous birthdays, Christmases, and summers here.  How in the heck has this place become some familiar?! It’s home now almost just as much as little old Wilmore. 

So, today I’m kind of just amazed and a little freaked out and also rejoicing. He has walked me into a foreign place and watched me relax into this place and now we call it home. Wow! 

Disclaimer- Don’t get me wrong- some days I still say, “thanks for this adventure, God, but I’d like to go back to Beavercreek now!”   

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The twilight zone vs movement of God

I really don’t know how to deliver this good news. So many good things among a handful of local people all in one car ride… how to communicate this without getting too confusing.

Well, here we go…

Character list: 

“Samuel”- young believer of one year, dunked in our pool 9 months ago. Growing super fast in the faith. Calls me up to study the Word, but he will often lead the study now. 

“Markus”- 20 yr old. young believer of 5 months. He has been very inactive with me because he is in a tough neighborhood. Wants to grow. Distracted at time.

“Kilenious”- 21 year old young believer of about 3 months. Growing quite a bit, mostly on his own. Smart engineer type kid. Sharing his faith gently with friends. Taking his faith serious.

“Samo”- 22 years old. An almost believer. Best friends with Kilenious. Participating in group studies. Not yet convinced enough to follow. (I just found out his younger sister is a secret believer; crazy stuff going on in this guy’s story).

“Charlie”- agnostic friend of both Kilenious and Samo. 22 yrs old. Never met him before yesterday.

“Aymen”- new locally dunked believer from two weeks ago.

“Me”- Stevie. A little too crazy for most people’s comfort level. Somewhat coachable. Mostly a loose cannon. Loves The Son!!

The 3 Hour car ride:

So yesterday I was able to participate in a beach event of about 30 young people organized through the local big gathering downtown. I was particular excited because it was going to give me the opportunity to bring a few of my local contacts together whom I usually have to meet one on one. Most of them don’t know each other.

I was able to take 5 guys there and since we were the last car to leave, I was able to fill up my car with the six characters above. 

Samuel sat up front with me because his legs are the longest (and he just gave up smoking 1 month ago). Kilenious and Charlie sat in the back because they don’t smoke. The other three guys sat in the middle seats because, like nearly everyone else in this country, they still are addicted to cigarettes.

About 30 minutes into the ride Samuel asks me if we should do a Book Study in the car… you know read The Word together. This Samuel just gave his life to the Lord last year, he’s the youngest guy in the car, but without shame or embarrassment leads a study in the car from Romans 7 😳.

I kid you not, the study lasted no less than an hour. Everyone except the agnostic spoke. They were debating theology, the commandment, the battle of sin. Charlie ended the whole study by asking one question that everyone must answer… “what is one thing we learn about man?” He forgot to end with “two other questions, but he lead and concluded with full participation. Two of the new believes prayed very encouraging prayers. Then we finished the last hour listening to a CD Samuel brought of worship songs that half the guys never heard before.

Then I dropped everyone at their homes. The last one with me in the car was Markus. He has not met with me super regularly. But usually always it’s just the two of us. But before he got out he said, “next time you have a meeting in your neighborhood let me know because I want to come.”

I know this doesn’t read quite how it played out. I am leaving some details out for the sake of the blog length. But for me, as one almost getting to be just a fly on the wall while driving, it was hard to know if this was the Twilight Zone or if I really was getting an inside look at the move of God that is taking place.

All these guys are first generation believers who don’t have one adult believer in their family. They are growing at different paces. They are introducing their friends to their faith. And they are growing in courage. 

One car. 4 young believers. 1 almost believer. 1 agnostic. And me.

This is a country where 10 years ago people didn’t see anyone come to faith in a 5-10 year period. But now this.

Twilight Zone? I don’t think so.

All of us on this blog are a part of a true move of God!

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How could I ever handle that?

They got the call last Wednesday in the middle of the night and by 10 am on Thursday the whole family was flying back to America.

You remember these friends- The same ones we walked the lice road with. We watch each other’s dogs, take care of each other’s kids, they were among the first to visit Ella in the hospital… you get the point… When you live overseas friends morph into your family. 

I woke up Thursday at 6am and had over 40 missed calls from our sweet friends. As I called back and said, “What’s wrong”, David answered through broken breaths, “”My dad died.”

 We were at their house moments later in pjs and with bad breath, because in those moments things that matter everyday don’t matter much at all. We hugged and cried and prayed. 

These friends were actually at our house the night before having a fun cook out. They had no idea how life on earth was about to change; the pain that was only a few hours away. 

Today is the viewing for Chuck Shrader. A man we never met, but have come to love his family so much. We find ourselves praying constantly for our friends and yet fear tries to creep in. The “what ifs” are strong and real thoughts that must be captured daily in my own heart.

Stevie and I have mourned grandparents and friends’ deaths from here, but never a parent, sibling, or God forbid spouse or child. It’s almost unthinkable. I don’t think I could handle that. And then He whispers sweetly and we FaceTime our mourning friends and see their faces and hear their tears, but also hear them praise The One who carries them through. Because we are ‘but dust’.  Life is fragile and I am certainly not promised to live a long enjoyable life here on earth, but the scary part is that my parents, siblings, husband and children are not promised that either. So where does that leave us? 

It leaves me on my knees, refusing to live in fear. Standing against the “what ifs” and  walking forward in abundant eternal living that is now. 

As you go about your day please pray for our friends, David, Emily, Mae, Wesley, and Miriam -and also live today in light of eternity, not these fleeting moments we have on earth. Don’t be afraid of what might happen (Speaking to myself). Friends, we walk in freedom and abundant joy. 

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Seeking specific prayer partners.

On a much more important note than rabbit gender confusion, we want to seek out a handful of people to join in specific prayer.

We need prayer help for our “follow up” names.  We have dozens of people we are “responsible” for and their needs require more than just my time.

To remind everyone what this means, since returning to NAfrica last Fall I have been able to participate in following up with people who write in through social media asking for spiritual help.

The names range widely in spiritual interest. Some of these people desire to receive The Good Book immediately and continue to meet and often believe, others are already believers seeking to meet another believer for the first time, or maybe they just want to understand how to be “dunked.” Still others give us their name and number, but never end up meeting even once.

This task is the tip of the spiritual spear. We have the opportunity to meet with dozens of people regularly who have never met another believer, never read The Word in print and perhaps have never heard of how to be saved… EVER. We get to spend nearly all our ministry time with these kind of folks. So, it would be self evident that the enemy would desire to disrupt this at any intersection possible.

Often times guys will meet up, then they are never heard from again ever. Sometimes guys will never actually come to the initial rendezvous. Sometimes guys will pray and believe never to contact us again. Still others are believing and remaining faithful while battling in the journey. We are constantly juggling guys (and gals for the ladies) at these various spiritual points of contact.

It’s not that we have tried to take this task on our own up to this point, but the “work” can get confusing and sensitive. For one, it’s hard to share names online. And also, it will take greater work detailing the needs of each person to those interested in praying.

However, we have reached a point where we are desperate. I am desperate. This work is so rewarding, but so hard. To work and labor to meet up with one guy who eventually never shows is draining. To have a mature guy suddenly start asking for a job or money can be discouraging. To know the problems these young believers face at home can be overwhelming. 

It’s very difficult to not approach a new guy with too much excitement and scare him away.  It’s also hard to know at what pace to take different people. Scheduling is hard. Transportation is hard. The balance between my own family’s need and the needs of young believers is hard. Knowing whether to take on more names or less names is hard. And withstanding Satan’s attacks in my own life and mind and heart can be hard.

The work requires specific prayer.

So, if you would be interested in receiving names and updates to pray for seekers/believers who are at various phases of the faith journey, please reply to this post with your full name and email.

For those interested we will cover more details in a different correspondence.

For everyone, the fact that you love us, support us, read our blog, pray for us and more, you are engaged in the work. You get to celebrate every victory. So don’t be pressured to “do more.” 

We appreciate everything… thank you Jesus.

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Gender update.

We feel like it is of upmost importance to inform everyone of a crucial oversight.

Lilly is a boy. Ninja was the girl.

We have yet to disclose this news to our kids. With self-identification happening all the time we don’t want to royally confuse our children. However, after my buddy Bechir double checked “behind the curtain” on on one remaining live bunny, it was evidently “she” is a “he.”

We don’t make these proclamations lightly. It’s not going to be easy explaining to Max why Lilly can’t get pregnant.

In summary, the bunny, Ninja, who recently died, was the female. Our only hope of baby bunnies. Now we will have to find another female for a new arranged marriage with Lilly. Lilly, the male bunny.

Oops. My bad kids 😳😬😁🐰🤔

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Just sent a new newsletter.

Be sure to check your spam or your promotions category in your email. That’s usually where our newsletter shows up.

Let us know how you like our newsletter format. Is is easy? Confusing? Good? Bad?

Much love.

Da Brown.

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The bunny did it.

I’m not a biologist or a zooologist. Actually, I would never be identified to be any kid of oligist.

However, I am a mystic (in the Stevie Brown sense). And as such I believe our latest dead bunny is to blame for the appendicitis.

You tell me. The same day Max’s bunny, Ninja, died, Ella was diagnosed with an infected appendix. Coincidence? I think not.

The gray bunny, Lilly, is nice and plump. We think she finally might be pregnant. But Ninja, the black bunny, never really grew well, was always skimpy, and one half day in direct sunlight and bunny #8 kicked the proverbial can.

No one panic. I’m gonna take whatever pennies we have left after the the current medical bills and buy another $3 male rabbit to keep Lilly company.

We are not mad at Ninja for the appendicitis, but I do blame him.

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Amaleya Update

Ella’s surgery went well yesterday. The appendix was “hiding” so that made the surgery go a little bit longer. It was torn and almost ready to rupture, so praise God that they got it out just in time.

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words and prayers. She is still in pain but already better today than yesterday. She gets to enjoy drinking liquids this am! 

She’s currently introducing her nurse, Ines, to The Sound of Music! 

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