About Us

We are Stevie, Jenny, Ella and Max. Our family has already encountered many adventures and we decided to start a blog as we embark on the next part of our life journey! From small potty training adventures to Mediterranean sunsets, we will keep you updated “as we go” in this world.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. pete

    The Brown’s card on our mirror, see you everyday! all the Cates

  2. Kirk Lithander

    Stevie & Jenny,
    I just wanted to say hi from the heartland.
    Your mom shared highlights of her trip with me.
    I’m glad that things are going well.
    We continue to think of your and your family.

  3. Judith Joyner

    I have enjoyed sitting down and reading your blogs, seeing your videos and watching your children grow up before our eyes. Anna Kate is my ‘watching’ buddy……she sits on my lap and wants to watch videos of her ‘cousins’ over and over again. Loves the ones of Max eating his breakfast.
    Miss you so much. Know it’s been a rough year………in so many ways. Have a blast with ED.
    Aunt Judy

  4. Marie Barnett

    Hi Steve, Jenny, Ella and Max, My first time at the “Brown Spot”. Great! Wonderful to read how everyone is getting along, see pictures where you live, hear the “weather report” etc. Would love to see all. Like Judy, they are blooming up right before our eyes. Love to all. Grandma Marie

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