New official group startup from Sunday…

Friends and family, I am so excited to report that the “plant” we have been helping with had it’s soft launch on Sunday and it was a huge victory.

Some scattered believers who don’t have a home came. Some “not-yet-believers” came.

We had an hour long service then had lunch all together. And afterwards we planted a tree to represent this new official home gathering. All led by locals.

Thanks for lifting this group up!!

5 of the guys in this picture have been on “the list” that I’ve sent out to those of you pr’ing by name.

Things are still messy and hard, but they are good. AND HE IS GOOD!

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2 thoughts on “New official group startup from Sunday…

  1. Gigi

    This is AMAZING! God is answering our prayers. We are watching a moving of His Spirit! Thank you for the pictures! This is like reading a story! Only God knows what is the next chapter and who else will be drawn to “the light”! Praying!

  2. dcphenicie

    happy to see our old friend in the front with the green plaid shirt still following!

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