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Update on a few good things.

Hey friends-

Things have been busy but good. I’m going to update in short form.

– the chch plant had it’s third meeting Sunday and it was our best yet. The teaching/discussion time was powerful. The community is slowly being formed. We have a good mix of mature people and difficult situations. Thanks for praying for this new gathering.

– Jenny’s local bff ( the one who has come to faith and who was attacked and has been slowly recovering) came to the Easter sunrise service with her daughter who is in Max’s grade. We all went together at 5am to St Cyprian’s basilica for a sunrise. It’s the first time the bff has attended a large gathering. We were so happy to spend the whole morning with her and her daughter.

– Jenny and the same BFF are studying Ephesians together every Tuesday after school. Both of them are growing and loving it.

– Max has begun to really like boxing even though he is the only American kid. I’m super proud of him.

– last Thursday our little ministry team went a couple hours south to meet with new people. We had a 48 year old guy in the boondocks pray to receive faith. Met two young guys in their 20s who have been secret believers for 4 years and looking for community. Made good connections with other leaders in the south. Thursday have become a very powerful time.

– CCA has had some fun Easter activities and things are going great there!

– This past Holy Week was a powerful time of spiritual realignment for Jenny and myself. We feel the Lord’s deep presence in a new way. PTL.

We couldn’t do our lives without your prayers, thoughts and support. We are indebted to His body in a beautiful way.

Thanks for reading.

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New official group startup from Sunday…

Friends and family, I am so excited to report that the “plant” we have been helping with had it’s soft launch on Sunday and it was a huge victory.

Some scattered believers who don’t have a home came. Some “not-yet-believers” came.

We had an hour long service then had lunch all together. And afterwards we planted a tree to represent this new official home gathering. All led by locals.

Thanks for lifting this group up!!

5 of the guys in this picture have been on “the list” that I’ve sent out to those of you pr’ing by name.

Things are still messy and hard, but they are good. AND HE IS GOOD!

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Latest Newsletter just went out!

As always folks, please check your spam or make sure to look in “all mail” in your inbox.

Jenny be like, “peace, I heard dat!”

This pic was taken while trying to watch in silence UK play Auburn. Still haven’t gotten over the loss. Anyone else feel the same?

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A record month!!

The radio silence has mostly been due to things going really well.

About 5 weeks ago I went to the south with a small group of local leaders (my Egyptian friend, a young local believe in training and another pstr). We actually went to a place that was at one point the 4th most important city in Islm. It is certainly one of the darkest and most oppressed cities here. While there we helped lead a college age girl to faith, we met two older believers who have rarely had contact with “the body” in 20 years, and we met two young guys in the middle of nowhere to share and answer questions. Truly a good day.

Two weeks later our little team went to another city far off the grid and met with a new believer mom and daughter. Then met with about 4 other first time people. This city is also one of the hardest to reach in country. But He is at work.

Then the very next week our small team went to yet another difficult city to meet and encourage some new believers, we helped bring another young man to faith, and we met with a mom and little daughter who have been believing for a long time but have very little support.

While back in the capital each week we have kept seeing good growth happen with some of the latest new believers. Although things are always really messy and difficult and exhausting, we continue to push through and focus on the light that keeps shinning bright.

One of the most exciting things is this Sunday is the launch to a new, official local house chch. I’ve been able to be apart of the planning and strategy team. It has been so rewarding and exciting. Please pray for the launch this Sunday morning.

Jenny and I are in an amazing place in our marriage. Our kids are doing great. We will make a family post soon. Truly we feel so blessed and inspired by the opportunity we have to represent all of you here.

He is GOOD! All the time!

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