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Like stepping into Star Wars.

Two weeks ago I went with three local partners to do follow up in the south. The town is over two hours away into the south western mountains. As a caveat, these are the same mountains that Allied Forces came through in NAfrica to overtake Germans in WWII.

It’s beautiful there. And a bit colder. So people often dress in their Star Wars barnoos, or what we refer to as a Jedi cloak. It’s fascinating to me still to this day how people here will dress like normal in what we consider a “Star Wars costume.”

Without trying to be insensitive, I like to imagine an alien inside the barnoos. Can you see what I mean?

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A large spoonful of Arabic

Here’s a taste of what life is like here in our world. Don’t know why we haven’t thought of this before. But here is a recording of sounds that have become very familiar to us.

For some context, there was an Egyptian guy who came to do some training last week for local leaders here. The training was on discipleship making movements. I was extremely encouraged to see many of my close friends receiving this training.

By the way, Egyptian Arabic is quite different than Tunisian Arabic. See if you can notice the difference 😁.

Teaching time:

Worship time:


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“Tunisian Victory” on Netflix

Want a great date night or family flick? Last night the 4 of us watched a documentary produced from the 40’s after WWII.

It’s all about the North African Allied advancement. It’s great on explaining the importance of these battles in order to have won the war.

We highly recommend it.

In fact, Max loved it so much he came home from school and asked if he could watch it again because, in his words, “I didn’t understand everything so I want to watch it again.”

I love this kid. Camping at the US Memorial has made its lasting impression. I think he’s hooked!!

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You won’t believe this camping ⛺️ spot!!

It has been clear to a lot of us dad’s that we need to get our boys out of the house and out of the city a little bit and take them camping. So me and my buddy who works at the US Embassy organized a little camping expedition for dads and boys who were around the 5 to 10-year-old age.

As it turns out that US Memorial here which is the only US memorial from World War II is open to groups such as what we were wanting to organize. So group of 40 of us dads and kids spent Saturday night camping at the World War II Memorial in Carthage. It was an incredible time. Our boys got to lower the American flag. They got to make a huge bonfire. And spend time with their dad’s and getting dirty playing in the forest area.

It was truly truly one of the biggest wins a lot of the dads have had with our boys. And we chose to focus on John 15 the Vine and the branches. We all spoke with our boys about how together we could stay connected to the Vine. And then at the very end we were able to plant a tree to symbolize what we talked about and to be able to visit it time and time again.

And since it is officially US territory and we were mostly Americans they had guards on duty all night in the complex protecting us. Quite the camping venue.

Really it’s better to describe by the pictures below.

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