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We got our residency today (mostly)!!

Jenny and I are feeling the favor of the Lord in a huge way. You guys go to battle for us often. And we do our best to express our deep deep deep appreciation. And we also praise Him for answering those prayers.

He is transforming lives, which you guys pray for, He is binding up the broken, rescuing the lost, healing the sick, and it appears He even cares about our papers.

Check out the picture below (try not to be scared by my face). That’s a picture of our provisional residence card. The official cards we should receive in a about 2 months. We could still get denied our definitive cards, so we are not complete in the clear yet. But getting our provisional is still huge.

This means we can set up a local bank account, get a cell phone plan, travel in and out of the country hassle free, and we don’t have to leave every 4 months. And it gives us even more legit credibility.

We feel His favor. And we thank each of you!

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Our residency… we need your help.

Good morning everyone.

Thanks for those who informed me of the “fire in the hole” videos not displaying. Sorry about any letdowns or frustrations I caused. Just trying to keep things real and raw.

Please lift us up today and this week. Among the other things I’ve been doing this year, applying and preparing documents for our residency has been among them.

Every document is complete. All forms have been processed and approved. EXCEPT the actual residence card. RESIDENCY HAPPENS THIS WEEK.

We are asking for you to plead to the Father for favor on our behalf. Someone we know recently was denied residency. We have reason to believe it could be difficult for us.

Please pray for His favor!

Pray the right people are at the right desks at the right time. Our hope is that it happens this week.

We know you all pray. And we know God answers your prayers. We are living proof. Thank you to each of you.

His favor!!


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Fire in the hole (video #2)

This guy they are pushing around actually went into the store next to the fire, while the fire was blazing. It was pretty crazy all around.

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Fire in the hole video

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Fire in the hole (in a building actually)

Just a few days ago, when I was working with my local partners doing follow up (as we do every Thursday all day) we encountered a surprise… a building caught on fire in the middle of downtown. It appeared to be an accidental electrical fire. My Egyptian partner said it was his barber’s shop.

It was quite the spectacle and I got to be at ground zero. Don’t tell Jenny or my parents πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

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We gotta share a recent victory…

Hey friends/family.

I think this is going to have to be part one of a two part blog because I witnessed a huge victory in “the work” this weekend. But in addition I have seen some “personal spiritual victory” as well. I’ll write about that another day soon.

But the part one victory is this. It’s gonna sound like a small deal. But it’s a huge deal.

In short form one of the guys I have written about (let’s call him Trevor) over the past nearly two years has taken a huge step. I first met him during Ramadan two years ago. After a couple months of first meeting him he facebooked me to tell me he believes. We continued to meet but he has never been one to move fast or in a clear way into spiritual transformation. In fact, at times he has told me that doubt has dominated his experience.

About a year ago right now he asked me to back off a bit. He needed some space. So I respected that. A few months later we met. He seemed to still have small traction in his faith journey. Then this last summer he Facebooked me to say he has decided to remain in the faith, never to turn back again.

But his journey has continued to move at a difficult pace. I have brought several other people with me to know Trevor, but he has not come himself to meet us. He waits for us to come to him.

Recently I have encouraged him over and over to come to the large local gathering on Saturday. He has always hesitated. But finally last week he met me to come with me. However, right before we walked into the door he hesitated. Fear, concern, the unknown all began to overwhelm him.

He asked me, “can I just meet you and come next week?”

I told him I’m not the one to force him to do anything, so it must come down to a choice he makes. But I suggested if he doesn’t come this week he may never come.

As it turned out, yesterday, he came downtown on his own, met another new believer, and came to the large national gathering. It is huge. He has jumped into the local body of believers and has taken a huge step of faith. And even better, the other new believer he met lives close to him and they plan to keep meeting up together.

PTL. A huge answer to many of our prayers. Thanks to all of you for fighting alongside of us and on behalf of these new and not-yet believers.

May He continue to open up the floodgates!

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On Your Turf

As I (Jenny) write this I am sitting at Gate B12 in the Atlanta airport waiting to board my last flight to Dayton. It’s almost 3am back home so Stevie and the kids are fast asleep in their beds.

My grandpa went to heaven this past week. Although he was 93 and ready to be with Jesus and my grandma (who went to heaven six years before him), I still have a big ache in my heart and tears in my eyes as I write this.

I’m so thankful that I’m able to travel back to Ohio to be a part of grieving him and also celebrating his arrival to heaven. I know it will be a sweet time with my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and I’m beyond blessed with the family that I have.

I just wanted to send a quick update to you all, please pray for our family right now, and pray for Stevie and the kids back home without me.

All our love to our many friends!

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Met with Alex today!!

I can’t thank all of you enough for praying for my meeting with Alex. We met today at 2p our time. We had an hour and a half conversation. The conversation started off very generic about normal stuff like work and the government etc.

I consciously thought several times how many prayers were being made on Alex’s behalf. It gave me the boldness to bring the conversation into focus. I mentioned to him how he closed me off from his phone and Facebook. He didn’t have a good answer about why.

Perhaps the Lord implemented in me this comparison. I told him when I was young I had 6 cancer treatments. It would have made no sense after the first treatment to quit on the doctor. Not for something as serious as cancer.

I told him the evil spirits he has inside of him are more serious than cancer. We need to stick at this, keep trying, continue fighting. It’s a serious matter and we need to try more than the one time for deliverance. It’s a spiritual war!

He agreed to meet me again and agreed I could bring another local believer friend to help. The other local friend I have has experience in deliverance here.

We ended on really good terms. We plan to meet again in two weeks. We fight on. Keep trusting. Never stop praying or believing that Jesus heals.

Thanks for your prayers. And Thanks for continuing to pray for Alex!

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In the meantime… this is a cool scene!!

A flock of sheep up against downtown. Just another day. I love my life!

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β€œAlex,” the demoniac, wants to meet again.

Hey friends.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Jenny’s best local friend who was assaulted. Jenny has been able to spend some good time with her and evidently God has been answering your prayers, because she has recently told Jenny she has been experiencing deep inner peace and a strange absence of bitterness and anger. Praise the Lord for real.

Also, on another good note, the young man “Alex” who has bad spirits living inside of him, whom me and my partner met with and prayed deliverance over back in October, who then immediately cut me off (closed me from Facebook and stopped answering my calls) has recently answered my call and then sent me a message that he wants to meet this week. *I just realized that last sentence was a long doozy.

We plan to meet Thursday or Friday. I am so excited. My heart is rejoicing. Friends, your prayers for our people here are making a huge impact. Thank you. And keep it up! Pray for me and Alex this week.

We love and appreciate all of you so much!!

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