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Guest Blogger #1

It’s with mixed emotions I write these words. How can one express the joy of seeing the ones you love and the sadness that comes over when it’s time to say goodbye?

Being in a foreign land seems strange at first, but you realize that as long as you’re with family, it really doesn’t matter where you celebrate Christmas.

I hope Patti and myself were encouraging to the many workers we met and broke bread with. We will leave knowing that there is a healthy group of community here, loving and friendly. What a joy it was to share just a small part of living here. Wonderful memories were made with our wonderful hosts, “The Brown Family”. We leave here knowing all is well! PS… if you’re in the “neighborhood” please stop and say hello.


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We have a winner!!

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Christmas giveaway- respond to win!

We want to demonstrate our appreciation and thankfulness to all our loved ones by doing another brownspot4 Christmas giveaway.

You must comment on this blog post before midnight on Christmas Day to be entered to win. The winner will get a Mediterranean olive wood charcuterie board and olive wood spoon.

Merry Christmas to everyone. It is so wonderful for GiGi and Papa to be here for Christmas. GiGi just said tonight, “I think after 61 years of Christmas in the same place it’s time to switch it up.”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We are so happy she did!

We will have GoGi and Papa do a guest blog after Christmas Day.

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The Best School Party

Just in case you need more incentive to come teach at CCA…. here are some pictures of our Christmas party on Friday. The amazing parents presented “The Nutcracker” for the kids! And yours truly, Stevie Brown, played none other than the Nutcracker himself!

Also, my mom and dad arrived safe and sound Thursday night, and we are basically living our dreams! More posts later with Gigi and Papa!

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