Are you ready to Throwdown??

Ok, super duper cheesy title.

But, some of you would be excited to hear how life at CrossFit has continued to unfold.

Mostly CrossFit has become my source of 1) staying healthy to suppress the cancer tumor that still abides in my body, 2) stress relief and emotional therapy, 3) a chance to workout with some of my closest friends and 4) get to develop relationships with young, disciplined professionals from this country.

Two years ago when the first CrossFit box opened here I was able to help coach and train for the first year. Then last year I was simply a customer. And that fit my schedule more working with wood and doing follow up.

Last year our gym sponsored the first ever Tunisian Throwdown and I was able to come in 3rd place for old dudes over 35yrs old.

This year they asked me to be the emcee and although I wanted to compete I felt like my best time is spent getting to touch and encourage the other athletes. I want to influence the CrossFit community and love on them more than I care to compete.

And that was able to happen in a big way. I’ve made some good friends and been able to be an influencer of sorts for these young, motivated athletes who don’t have many champions in their corner.

It was the best way for me to put my gifting son display in a CrossFit environment. God is at work even at Aecor Crossfit!! Praise Him.

(If you want to see some of the high professional production videos go to Tunisian Throwdown on Facebook. It’s quite impressive how well these guys pulled off this event)

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3 thoughts on “Are you ready to Throwdown??

  1. Janet

    Impressive 🎉👍🏼

  2. Travis Logsdon

    Awesome post Stevie, good to see all these folks working hard and you encouraging them!

  3. AndyG

    Very cool stuff!

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