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That happened fast.

Clearly it doesn’t always happen like this. Often times we spend a lifetime praying to hear God answer over and over with a “wait.”

Sometime God even answers a big fat “no” and He transforms us through failure.

Sometimes we don’t even ask for prayer because it feels silly or unnecessary.

And we’ve all found ourselves in the place in life where we begin to doubt prayer itself.

Raise your hand if any or all of these describe your journey with prayer and faith in a God who asks us to offer our requests before him!

(My hand is up)

But then sometimes God answers big and quick. We asked for prayer just a couple days ago because Old World Timber needed God’s favor. Favor not only in order for our Brown family to be able to escape and disconnect for a few days vacation, but we are still in a tough spot as a young company. All four of us Brown siblings are connected to this small yet global enterprise and times are good but still very very difficult.

And in order for us to be able to survive an entire week without focusing on selling God had to do something special. AND JUST TODAY HE DID.

Anyone remember us asking for prayer a few months ago for two huge potential customers? One was Menard’s. After losing Menard’s we have her back on the hook and it looks like it might happen down the road. But today I’m reporting on the other big customer.

A huge customer who our team has been working on for many many months just sent us a purchase order today. This purchase order is literally the biggest one time purchase that OWT has ever received.

I was sitting next to my brother today as we were processing this huge order and I saw what looked like months of pressure and exhaustion and disappointment begin to fall off like scales. He told my sister, “I’m gonna be able to sleep on vacation.”

Nearly makes me want to cry. This order is like God bending down once again and whispering the reminder in our ears, “I’ve got this.”

Thank you for praying. Today God has shown unique favor to OWT and this small little Brown team.

OWT is God’s business. We are trying to steward her well. But at the end of each day she is God’s to give or take away. And we have God’s saints like each of you to thank for pleading on her behalf!

God is good all the time!

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Is this allowed?

Ok, full disclosure. We have come back to the US for about 6 weeks this summer. Jenny worked a full time job all year and gets her summers off from teaching. Old World Timber is continuing to grow, things are good, but still really hard. We have discovered how difficult it is for me to do business from NAfrica. There are many parts of the process that are simply hard from afar.

So, we decided it would be great for me to come back and work with my brother and the team at the OWT warehouse for a few weeks and Jenny and the kids spend time with family. In order for our work to last and us to have the opportunity to do what we are doing long term in NAfrica it calls for things like this.

This being said, there is something coming up that will be a first for us. Family time off from working with family for family vacation. Did you follow that?

Old World Timber has become a family venture. My little sister, Liz, does sales with me. My big sister, Sarah-Marie, takes calls from the 800 number. My sister-in-law, Katy, helps with branding. Of course our brother, Nathan, is CEO. And next week we will all be on vacation together.

Three out of the four sales people at OWT will all be vacationing together. Obviously we are excited to get away. But I’m a little afraid about one thing… can we all “get away?”

I’m not exactly sure if a prayer request like this is allowed to be said out loud. Here it is anyways: I am afraid that with our whole family being so involved with this wood business that it will be hard for us to completely detach. And we need divine help.

We all need our sabbath and we all need time away to decompress. This year will be harder than most. We would appreciate your prayers. We need to have enough faith that God can handle things back at the warehouse without us. We need to have faith that God will bring in sales. We need to have faith that God is ultimately in control. But it isn’t easy.

Lord, OWT is yours. We keep her in your hands and ask for your favor to continue to be upon her. In your powerful name, AMEN!

We love you friends!

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