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15 dunkings in one weekend!!

Great news for the world to share! Two weeks ago today we got to be apart of something that may have never happened in our NAfrican country, EVER. That might be hyperbole since we don’t have a ton of statistics from 1600 years ago when this used to be a center of faith. It’s likely it used to be common. But it has not been common in this day in age.

When just one new person follows the Son in this way there is reason to celebrate. But according to some who have been here for approximately 20 years, no one can remember when this has happened in recent history… 15 people being dunked in one weekend.

It was personally special for Jenny and I because I was able to participate since one of the guys came to faith through my initial contact through our media follow up. But it was even more special for the entire body because of its encouragement all across the board.

It’s a huge praise that the local established congregation recognized the collaboration that is happening between international workers and local leaders. It’s not often they ask for “outside” participation. But divided lines are being restored and that is a huge answer to prayer.

This is bigger than any of us can process on our own. God continues to work. And we are all witnesses. May all of us share in the celebration.

Praise Him!!

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Guest Writer- Kerry D.

(After our straight edge hair cut)

It’s been a great joy to visit with the Browns. I’ve been able to tag along with Stevie as he’s met with seekers, new believers, and other workers. I truly feel like I’m peering into the book of Acts. I’ve gotten to see with my own eyes how the Lord is adding to his church daily. I’ve also gained some additional perspective on how the church is being challenged, and how we can pray. There is a sense in the atmosphere that God is on the move!

I love this family, and they host me like a prince. Jenny and Stevie and Ella and Max are living out their love for Jesus in a very real way, and real disciples are being multiplied.

Another plus is that Stevie didn’t get me into any significant trouble while I was here! At least not any that we can talk about.

From Browns:

We want to thank Kerry for loving on us, encouraging us, pouring into us and representing our greater family back home.

It’s always a huge blessing to have him visit.

Love you Kerry,

The Browns

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