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Update on Menard’s and more.

Let me get right to it. We did not get the Menard’s contract. Thank you beyond words for your prayers. We still sense the Lord’s favor, but we didn’t get this big customer we had hoped for. So we move on to the next door.

Abe called me back and we plan to meet soon. He has more life in his voice now then I have ever noticed before. PTL.

Mehdi is really low right now, but I am blown away at this young man’s determination. He continues to move forward. He opened his house once again for our small group (in spite of his own personal crisis). We had a good showing. The most encouraging thing about last night after everyone had a chance to go around and share updates and prayers, Mehdi asked me to pray, and then after I prayed Mehdi continued praying. He went around praying for each person one by one. This season has definitely taught him more how to pray. I sat there, tears welling up in my eyes, as I listened to this man who is battling discouragement, depression and despair go on to pray from deep within his heart for all the men in his house. It was powerful. The road ahead is long and hard, but God has this, of that I am confident.

Mehdi and another guy in the group also bought three new Rottweiler puppies for a project. Max happened to come with me so he got to enjoy these little guys. See below.

God hears your prayers.

God is answering your prayers.

Continue to pray for the likes of Mehdi, Abe, wood sales and the many other men and women here who need our prayers.

Thank you and may God also show you favor in this season of your life.

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Really good. Really bad.

Howdy ho friends. Hope you are all well. Actually, I’m sure plenty of you are having a great season in life and I’m sure others of you are in a very rough season (maybe even in a crisis) and others in between. This world is simply that way. So much good and so much bad all in a cocktail. Heaven really will be so great!! But this world is really that depraved.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Either way we shout and proclaim “blessed be His Name.”

In this same regard we have some really good news and some really bad news. (Before that just a footnote- we have not yet heard about Menard’s or the other customer. Still waiting. But thanks for pleading for favor on our behalf).

Let me begin with the bad/discouraging news. My best local friend, Mehdi, the guy who taught me language, the guy who really helped me make this country my home, the guy who I’ve been doing small group with for over 3 years, the guy who got married at our house last summer and opened his house up for small group is about to go through a divorce. Nothing is final but it doesn’t look good. The complications run deep, they always do. The pain and disfunction on both sides go back a long time. They are both first generation believers, but his wife, Imen, is a very weak believer, maybe never actually encountered The Son in a real way. She is not healthy at all. He has his issues. Apart from a true miraculous touch of healing from The One Who Heals this situation doesn’t look good.

I don’t know much else but to plead for prayer for these two (Mehdi and Imen). Imagine the difficulty of marriage without access to faith based counseling, without therapy, without a healthy body around you. Please please lift these two up and ask the Lord to heal!

There is good news. It’s hard for me to move on to good news when the pain of my best friend marinates in my heart. But good news I must share and want to share.

Many of you may remember a post I wrote last year almost at this exact time about a new contact that I named Abe. His dad is a leader in the mosque, his family is a disaster, he comes from a difficult neighborhood. Abe is the name we gave him. Who remembers Abe?

Well, I have continued to meet with him throughout this past year. Mostly it has been one small, slow, discouraging step after another. The guy is simply not strong in character. Around January he came to the national gathering with me on a Saturday for the first time (he lives over an hour away). He began to know other local believers. Then he met us a few times in the middle of the week.

Then finally last week me and two of my local partners were able to drive to his neighborhood for only the second time since I’ve met him. We had coffee, chatted, read some of the Word. Then one of my partners sensed Abe was ready to truly pray to receive the Son. Abe indeed prayed then after hugged all three of us. He then took us to meet his brother, we all ate together, then departed to retune home. When we arrived back home Abe called me and had me talk to his mother, the first time that has happened. He just called me yesterday to check in and see when we will meet again.

So praise the Lord He continues to transform new lives. But oh how difficult is the journey of transformation. Abe has such a long way to go. And Mehdi has believed now for 10 years and has so much still to allow Him to transform.

Lord, we are desperate for your transformational love to grip us all in a fresh way.

Thanks for your prayers and thanks for your praises. Our Lord hears them all!

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Baseball, bikes and better love!

We have some amazing personal family news to share. To start, let me explain something. Good sporting options here is tough to find. Coaches, organization, transportation, communication… it can all be quite difficult. In addition to all that our youngest child just doesn’t seem to enjoy physical exertion as much as most boys. So Tae Kwon Do 🥋 was a total fail this year.

Our oldest loves sports, but finding a fit with friends has been tough.

However, we have an American friend here who started a baseball team for all elementary ages and it has been a grand slam for our family (pun definitely intended).

Seriously, both Ella and Max have fallen in love. They both can hit like champions. Catching and grounding the ball is improving. They love practicing at home. It’s a dad’s dream come true.

And practice is Saturday mornings. With the weather feeling more like San Diego right now, it’s such an amazing way to spend the weekend with our kids.

On top of this, many of you may remember, Sunday mornings are my time to have both kids by myself to leave mom at home, by herself to rejuvenate without the three of us killing her mojo.

So I take the kids to the park to ride bikes or go hiking or do whatever together. It has become one of the greatest blessings to me as a dad.

We’ve been trying to get Max to take his training wheels off for over year. It just hasn’t happened. Then last week his buddy, Henry from his class, came with us to the park. Henry was flying around without training wheels. So Max, on his own, took his training wheels off and said, “I’m gonna do it without them.”<
nd nearly just like that Max is now a smooth bike rider!! 😁🤜🤛✊

Since this combination of baseball and bike riding there has been a noticeable shift in Max's behavior and disposition towards me, his dad. Seriously it's been like a light switch that has come on and instead of 100% having a preference towards his mom he is consistently now desiring to be with me, around me, hugging me, kissing me, having me tuck him in, having me lay next to him at night as he falls asleep. Even at times he gets emotional when I leave perhaps to go to a small group or so forth because he doesn't want to see me go. His love towards me has certainly shifted in a unique way. I couldn't be more happier and flabbergasted at this new transformation.

I think you could say we are experiencing some glorious days. PTL.

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