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Partners in crime.

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Just sent the list…

Hey friends-

Just sent out the list of names. If you had asked for the list but don’t find the email please let us know.

For all who follow, we know you pray and care.

Mucho love.

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Fruit by the numbers.

I recognize that most often when we discuss what God is doing here we stay very general and some could argue we write in hyperbole.

In order to give you a real clear understanding of the massiveness of the HS activity that we are witnessing let me give you some numbers. Then we’ll invite more of you to consider receiving the actual list of real names we are responsible for.

Take a quick glance at this silly graph that I worked on for a couple hours🤔😆. There are 104 people represented. I have broken them down into 3 categories to simplify the math (there is suppose to be a cross in the middle of the graph, but photoshop was acting up or something).

Out of the 103 names that I have been given over the last year and a half 55 of them are active. Active could mean they have become a believer and are meeting with me weekly and even sharing with their friends, or meeting with me once or twice a month while still discovering who He is. But this group represents all the guys that I at least have regular contact with. 55. It’s quite a load. I’m not completely alone. I have a few partners that have come side by side, but it’s still quite a task. Just setting up meetings is tiresome, very tiresome. Then to pour into these guys and open the Word and invest in each person can bring a level of fatigue that is uncommon. It is not hyperbole or overspiritualism to truly admit that without the power of God and prayers there is simply no way it happens. The level of joy is divine, no question. But the fatigue is real also.

Then 43 of the names I have been given are not responding. This list is compromised of people who have given us their name, phone number, and perhaps Facebook account, but they are no longer responsive. Many of these guys have met once or twice, received a Book and made steps towards faith. Others have never met us once. But this category represents guys that are no longer responding to calls, texts or Facebook messages. We certainly should keep praying for them because every couple months different ones of the “not responding” guys comes back around. In a few cases they return to tell us they have already begun to believe or are ready to believe and join a community. So we continue to pray and we continue to call or text or IM them infrequently with the hope they come around again.

The 6 MIA-Unknown guys have all made significant advances towards faith, but then it’s like they disappeared. Two in particular were about to be dunked, and from the weekend the dunking was supposed to happen till now we have not heard from them. Their phones are off. Facebook accounts closed. It’s hard and sad to think about.

A couple reasons why this list is uniquely significant:

1) instead of just praying in general for Arabs or for this region or country, we have the unique ability to know actually names of individuals to lift up who are seeking the Lord on one level or another. What an opportunity to have over 100 people to pray for by name.

2) the other thing to keep in mind is that I am just one of about 30-40 people who have a list like this. That’s right. There are that many people here growing in faith. Some guys and gals have double the amount of names, some have less. The point is, we have a way to comprehend the real magnitude of what is happening.

Who gets excited about this?

Who would like to receive the list of names by email?

Isn’t God truly amazing and true to His Word?

We are all apart of this folks. Aslan is moving all across the earth.

Until everyone has heard!!

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