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A picture’s worth…???

Stevie has done a fabulous job keeping our blog afloat! Thanks, babe. (Y’all should start getting use to our new method of healthy marital communication- blogging). Just kidding. (Read- please send marriage counselors). Kidding again. I digress.

Here are four pics of this past month.

Addendum- Say a prayer for Christy. A week from today, she leaves this country for good 😦 Well, until she visits again, or we can sweet talk her into moving back. This woman has had our backs for so many years. She has been aunt, sister, teammate, babysitter, teacher, dog watcher, language buddy, fellow adventurer, pool girl, beach partner, and an all out best friend to me. I’m grieved to do life in T without her here and also excited for the next phase of her journey. “To Christy!”


Crazy family dinner …my helper -Ella Grace…

Celebrating Christy. She leaves on Tuesday. CUE TEARS….

My favorite kindergarten buddy celebrating my…ahem…37th birthday. That’s right. I said it! 37 and feeling great!

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Quick update

Hey, friends! here I am with my buddy Lansen. we’re gonna do a little group voice texting update on the meeting that we just had.

Lansen what do you think? how did it go? what do you enjoy about it?

“I have been so encouraged to sit with these guys and build relationship watch their wheels turn as they consider some of these big concepts that maybe they wrestled with before and some they’ve never considered before but you can see how much they thrive in an environment where it safe to consider the possibilities and that it’s just been blowing me away.”

So we have three guys or there’s five of us that regular meet now on Wednesdays at 2 o’clock but today we happen to run into three or four other guys at the same café doing basically similar discipleship and so we all joined and had a collaborative hour to all encourage and read the word and go around and discuss what we thought and pray… you can’t make this stuff up and in the country that not too long ago so so few people believing now groups of believers can run into each other unexpectedly and mutually encourage and build each other up and get to know each other for the first time. beautiful things are happening in spite of us praise the Lord.

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Some good news.

Greetings to all of our readers. Trying something new and instead of texting and driving I’m voice texting and driving. I’m convinced this will keep me much safer and give me the ability to stay more active with updates. Forgive me however in advance if grammatical and spelling errors continue to occur. I’m looking at you Jenny Brown.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of you who read the last post and responded with prayers or encouragements or words of wisdom. And as I explained in the last blog post, upon returning to north Africa the task ahead seemed very overwhelming and daunting to say the least. And now it brings me great great joy to tell you that the Lord has responded in a very miraculous way. I have been able to find the schedule to sell wood, to continue to follow up with guys here, to do all the things necessary to get on a really good balanced schedule. I feel God has honored the prayers that were lifted up on our behalf.

Over the last two weeks I’ve simply seen God be good and faithful to our family and truly within just too weeks I am so so encouraged about the weeks and months ahead… good things are happening. I was afraid of January and Q1 upon arriving, but that fear has turned to excitement.

I have noticed a good and healthy schedule has been set as we have returned to North Africa.

Also, one of our guys will be getting dunked this Saturday (tomorrow). One guy told me last week since I’ve been gone he has begun to believe. Some of the groups who have been formed have continued to meet on their own since we were in the states in December. Even though we were gone God has continued and continues to move… praise the Lord.

It’s raining so I’m going to hang up for now, love to all.

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We just sent a newsletter… FYI.

UPDATE: we just sent out a newsletter.

We recommend that you check your email under the “Promotions” category.  That’s where it showed up when we sent ourselves a test email. Just trying to keep our readers informed.

Happy New Years +1.

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This time is way different.

Yes, you are correct. It has been a long time since we have been active on here. We are both apologetic about that and yet doing our best to not feel guilty as well. As you know we returned to the US for December. It was a wonderful time, enjoyable time, and for many reasons a difficult time.

Some of the difficulties are private enough to not be appropriate to go into detail on here. Thank you for respecting that. It’s nothing dangerous or bad, just hard and private. If you think of it you can pray for this “unspoken.” Did you see what I did there? I pulled out an “unspoken.” Some of you have no idea what that is. Others haven’t heard of that since Junior High Sunday School. 🤔🤫😁

We aren’t complaining. We had a month in America for goodness sake. The land of plenty. And we honored that by eating plenty.

However, for reasons that mostly lie beneath the surface, returning back to our other home in NAfrica has been way different this time. More unsettling.

For me (Stevie) in particular I feel the weight of having lots of work ahead of me in January. I bet many of you have that same feeling. It’s not bad, it just feels heavy.

Let us illustrate the transition with these two pics:

We left crazy cold and snow ❄️ ⛄️ to arrive in sunny 🌞 warmth. Most of you be like, “And, what’s yo problem? 🌞 sounds awesome.” Well, it does. The point is the drastic temperature change reflects the unusually hard change in our disposition.

We will be ok, though. We don’t want to sound the alarm of panic. We just can’t be not honest. It sounds like I’m being dramatic. Perhaps. That’s just it. Emotions are still catching up to the time zone.

Thanks for always being patient with us and our drama. And thank you as always for your continuous thoughts and prayers.

We love you all dearly.

Here’s to a great 2018!

Thank you Jesus!

We will get back to our normal selves because God is always faithful!!!!

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