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So… we’ll be home for Christmas.

Well, it’s probably time to come out and say we are going to be in the US for Christmas. Actually, as some of you probably have already discovered from social media, we came back at Thanksgiving.

Here’s how this went down. Old World Timber paid for the four of us to return so that I could work for a couple weeks at the warehouse. Since there is family we only see during Thanksgiving it made sense to go for glory. Once Jenny found an amazing teacher to take her class for 3 weeks, it was settled. 

We don’t want anyone to feel hoodwinked by us or wonder why we post with family over the next few weeks. So we announce with excitement that we are in the US until before New Years.

Thanks for your support as we live the best we can between two worlds.

And Merry Christmas to all!! 🌲

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Finely, my rebutle.

Alas I have found the time to send a rebutle to my wife’s smear campaign. She says I can’t spell. But I have excuses, aha!

So, fyrst of all, genious is an elusive trait. Typically it is only appreciated after one passes away. So I anticipate this post to mean more many years from now.

Secondley, I never new anyone signed me up for the 35yrs and up spelling bee. And besides, I majored in Spanish which is the most phonetic language ever. Didn’t Christopher Columbus sail from Spain anyways? Did he never speak a word when he landed? What the crud? Why do we even speak American? Or do we call it English, I always forget.

Thirdness, I nearly 70% of the time write my blogs while driving. I’m only partially kidding.  Time here is precious. When I arrive home Jenny always expects me to be engaged with the kids. So my solution is to update the blog while on the road. Don’t act like you are all guilt free. And each of us knows full well autocorrect takes on a life of its own when you are trying not to hit a pedestrian. Then I most often don’t proof read the blogs before sending because I’m driving and that would not be safe in this country.

Finily, this is the age of Twitter and Instagram so we all write in short form abbreviations, am I right? To spell words out to completeness is to waste one’s life in 2017 standards. God does not want us to waste our lives. You see how I did that?

Basicly my misspelling is a reflection of my godliness.

There you have it. Any questions?

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Is this made up? Am I being punk’d?

Mondays I take all day to work OWT. Most of Tuesdays as well. And then a few hours sprinkled in the rest of the week. I’m doing my best and so far it has worked to order my days very systematically so I can have a balanced life with all that goes on. 

That being said, I also try to live with my palms open, for the  Lord to give and take as he sees fit. I have my obligations, but the Lord is free to intervene.  Because often times the Lord chooses to work “outside” our time slots. Many “real needs” come at inconvenient times. What are we to do? Each person must answer and live according to what God has for each of us. So if you dare take this post and try to load yourself with “even more pressure to perform” than you may do already, then you might be taking me out of context. Don’t forget that you have a part in every life being touched here. DO. NOT. FORGET.

Here’s today’s incredible story. A young man (we will call him Hank) that I have been in contact with for several months but whom I’ve never met called me nearly out of the blue and asked if we could meet. I had to ask myself… “Lord, is today ‘OWT day all day’ or do you have something else planned?”

Here is Hank’s back story. He was born and raised in the city where the Arab Springs started. But his family is originally Amazigh from Algeria. The Amazigh are the original people group from NAfrica… the berbers. They are unquestionable one of the unreached people groups of this entire region.

So I went to meet Hank. Hank, who must be only about 20 yrs old but looks like he is 12, tells me that five years ago he began searching for the truth. He was able to download the Book on pdf and eventually gave his heart to the Son all on his own. He has been the only believer that he knows of in his entire city.

I asked him if he needs a book he said he has one. He said I just wanted to put a name with a face. Then he said, “do you have a cross?” Somehow I keep crossed in my backpack so I was able to give him two. He wanted to know how much they cost. What a kid. I told him it’s a gift from the local body.

I dropped him off and he awaits till we can meet again.  Wow wow wow. What an incredible story. He is an individual and I don’t want to dishonor that. But he also represents what God is doing among the truly unreached ppl.

I almost feel this can’t all be true. But it is. And all of us are witnesses. There is no Ashton Kutcher behind this story. It’s the power of God.

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Two more in the kingdom.

Im going to wait till later to defend my results in the spelling bee contest that I didn’t even know I was signed up for. My spelling errors have great excuses. But more on that at another time.

This morning, as I began praying and spending time with the Lord I want to use this post as a prayer of thanksgiving. I attempt to regularly pray for each guy I am follow up with. The list is long, which is good, but daunting at times. Instead of diving straight into prayers of requests, I try to remember to thank the Lord for what He has already done.

For example, two new guys that I met with for the first time last week told me they believe in the Son and are walking in faith. Ahmed and Amine are 25 and 30 respectfully. Ahmed spent 3 years studying in Italy where he first was contacted by JahWitnses. He spent lots of time around them, but from what it sounds like is doesn’t follow JW ideology but he told me he is following Jesus. His theology will require transformation for sure, but he is on the journey from what I could gather in one two hour meeting. PTL. He wants to keep meeting and he is a great candidate to get involved in a small group.

Amine met with my old partner Joseph four times over a year ago. He has mostly been MIA. But responded to my call because since beginning a journey of discovery a year ago he now states belief. He is an entrepreneur and loves to work out, so we hit it off immediately. He already came to work out with me once since last week. PTL.

Just because this happens often now doesn’t make each of these stories less of a miracle. It’s quite amazing each and every new life.

Praise the Lord. He answers prayers daily. Aslan, you are GOOD. Don’t stop moving we beg!


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 Stephie Brown

Blog disclaimer:

Nine times out of ten after Stevie writes a blog, our conversation goes something like this:

Me: “ Why didn’t you let me read that first? You misspelled several words.” 

Stevie: “Spellchecks falt.” 

I know, right?! Even when he speaks, words are spelled incorrectly! Well, if ya know him you love him, so I guess everyone looks past his falts and keeps on reading.

Just wanted the blog world to know that I seriously try to help the guy, but he cares more about getting a point across than grammar and spelling. 

PS- he totally gave me the approval to openly mock his spelling to our blog world.

We love you and enjoy your comments even though we don’t reply to them all! 

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My friend passed away.

Thank you for your prayers. My friend Marwan, who is just a couple years younger than me, passed away this morning from brain cancer.

It is a heavy day in this neighborhood. Thank you for your prayers. A few friends and I are broken hearted but trusting we can show the love of the Son as we mourn with the family.

Death is so lame. I hate it.  I hate it so much.

It’s incredible and so so sad to see what hopelessness people here have.  These moments really bring our eternal souls to the forefront of the battle we are all facing. But parents without our hope are such a painful sight to observe.

Lord, please please save these people. Save us all. We are ready. The pain of this world is more than we can bare alone. We need IICor 1 kind of comfort Lord. We plead.

Thanks to each of you reading.

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