Jenny loves Reliable

I haven’t written on here in quite sometime. Our daily routine of school life keeps the kids and I on a steady and reliable pace here in Tunis. Which is actually something very hard to attain. A steady pace. Maybe thats because my idea of a “steady pace” has changed drastically in the past ten years!

Heres what my ‘reliable’ day looks like…

Wake up at 5:45. Shower. Sometimes find cockroaches in the bathroom to greet me a friendly hello or maybe the hot water is not working or the shower head only will stay pointed at the wall. Whatever. At least I can shower.

Get lunches made, coffee, kids wake up, coffee, feed everyone breakfast, more coffee.  I like this part of my day. I imagine it looks a lot like moms all over the world….yelling at the kids to hurry up and get in the car and stop fighting!

THE DREADED DRIVE TO SCHOOL. This is my most sanctifying time of day. The traffic is too much. How can I describe it to you? Think Jessamine County Demolition Derby with ten thousand of your closest Arab friends. The other day I actually rolled down my window and yelled at a man IN ARABIC. It was simultaneously one of my weakest (why am I yelling mean things at a man I don’t even know?) and finest moments (I yelled my feelings in arabic!).  Anyways, lets just say, the traffic struggle is real, not only for me but other expats in this country too. If you think of us you can pray we show His love especially on the roads.

​​​School Day 8am-4pm! During school I am mom AND kindergarten teacher. Last year, I loved this…to pass my kids in the hall, be nearby if they got injured, stop in and have lunch with them whenever I want!  This year, Max is actually IN MY CLASS and lets just say we are struggling. Just pray for us both.

Demolition Derby Round Two as we drive home.

Dinner. Homework. Bed.


So, there you have it. A glimpse of our reliable routine, mixed in with some ways you can pray for me. 


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6 thoughts on “Jenny loves Reliable

  1. Jane Piatt

    Thanks for sharing Jenny. I started praying for you at the mention of cockroaches:)

  2. Janet

    I’ am smiling as I readd his at this in nyc at 6 am! Were here for a cancer visit and to go to a conference on this disease. The traffic is 24/7 with honking, smells, and sirens. After 2 days, I’m already missing Kentucky. We’re walking a lot which I saw painful for me these days, otherwise we have learned to wave down a taxi so someone else navigates the scary roads of Manhattan (and I thought roads had lanes), enjoy your evening, maybe with a cup of tea. Oh, and I do not miss the Texas roaches. One reason I left my hometown of Houston when I finished college!

  3. Gigi

    I hadn’t even read this yet but your sweet cousin, Trevor, prayed for you this morning in staff meeting about this “adventure” you call life in Tunis. Can’t wait to come experience it all again in March, but I just leave after 2 weeks. Your willingness to walk this path is humbling to me – I’m ALWAYS praying for you! Love mom

  4. Cheryl Dorrell

    Normal – thanks for being vulnerable and sharing with us!!! Praying for you as you navigate your life in Tunis – on the road, in your classroom and at home with your precious family!!! You are truly one of the bravest people I know!! Love you muchly!!!

  5. HI, Stevie and Jennie. Just wondering, do you happen to have a copy of *24/6* by Dr. Matthew Sleeth? If not, I will mail you one. You can read it in your “spare time!” 🙄 (😂😂) love and daily prayers, c.a.

  6. Sandra J Haven

    Dearest Jenny – praying for energy and peace…and dear little Max! Also praying we get that relaxing weekend in Paris 🙂 Cheers!! Oh and the cockroaches? I would have had a nervous breakdown by now 😦

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