Coaching intensive in Amsterdam 

No matter who you are, where you live, how much you have or don’t have in this life, the human experience is difficult. We reject the idea that we have a harder life than most because we live in NAfrica. We may have different “hard” things, but all of life is met with difficulty whether you live in the east, west or in between.

That being said, I am currently at a “not hard” opportunity to receive some professional development. You may or may not be familiar with one of the fastest growing industries called “life coach.” There are now “coaches” you can hire as a life coach, business coach, team coach, and more.

I have the opportunity this week to be in Amsterdam at an intensive training to be coached and learn how to coach others. It is quite amazing training. No doubt will this training have a direct impact on my “follow up” in NAfrica. But beyond that it will help me in discipleship in general, it will help me in my marriage, raising my kids, and perhaps helping in OWT international in ways not yet realized.

Im super grateful for this opportunity. And it’s the first time I have ever been able to visit Amsterdam. #feelingblessed #stayinginthegreendistrict #sayingnotoweed

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