Yayo and Yaya in the house.

For those who think I’m drunk texting I want to inform you that first of all I’m not drunk texting. Let’s make that clear. Yayo and Yaya is the Catalan way to say grandpa and grandma. Catalan is the language they speak in Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain is where our family grew up when I was a kid. Therefore all the grandkids in the Ron Brown family call my parents Yayo and Yaya.

A little caveat… Catalunia, the state where Barcelona is found, is currently going through protest and a fight for their own independent from Spain. They want to secede from Spain. It’s from this attitude they mostly refuse to speak Spanish. They choose to speak their own language, Catalan.  

This made growing up in Spain uniquely difficult because we were more or less forced to learn both Spanish and Catalan simultaneously.

You could argue that now since I can communicate in French then I speak 5 languages. But this would be mostly deceiving, however, since Catalan only lies within my deep deep subconscious mind. And that’s a scary place in Stevie’s mind. Anyone would strongly recommend you to stay away from there.

That was the absolute longest and most boring way to announce that my parents are here for a most anticipated visit. 

They will be our guests writers for the week so you can see our lives through fresh eyes… the eyes of a grandparent.

Here are a few teasers:

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4 thoughts on “Yayo and Yaya in the house.

  1. Hi, Stevie,

    I sincerely hope you sucsede in speell cheeking next time! 😂 luvya, bro!

  2. Gigi

    A picture is worth a thousand words – I think everyone has a full heart! Love you all.

  3. janet

    Thanks, Stevie, for your round about way to telling us that your parents are visiting! How wonderful!

  4. Cheryl Dorrell

    Love this!! These pictures make me cry tears of happiness for all of you!!!

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