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Another cool wood success story.

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Newspaper writeup…

We anticipate this to make you smile the way it did us:

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Mad Dog is safe.

Some of you have been praying for a guy named Madou. I like to call him Mad Dog. We have blogged about him before. 

He is 45yrs old. Came to faith on his own but has no community. Him and his wife are now separated because of his faith. His little 8yr old boy, however, is also a young believer.

He was wanting to get dunked a few weeks ago. The plans had mostly been set. He was going to bring a young disciple of his whom he led to faith. But then….

But then he went MIA. It is all too common. Guys and gals moving forward in faith and then seemingly always out of nowhere some of them will simply fall off the map.

It is always discouraging.

Madou, however, isn’t a typical young believer. He has a family, a job and a very strong spiritual core. Do his disappearing was a little more surprising.

However, just a few days ago he came back online. He has a new phone number and reactivated his Facebook. I just talked to him last night. He is still bold and strong in faith. But here is what happened.

Some extremists in his neighborhood hacked his facebook. They turned his phone into the police. One of them even went to his work to try to dirty his name. And in general persecution has been turned up to high on this guy. Madou didn’t retaliate. He stayed calm and mostly silent, so he says. He was finally able to get another phone number and he wants to meet this coming Sunday.

So PTL Almighty that he is safe and remains in the faith and has actually become emboldened. 

Thank you for your prayers.

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A good Sunday had by all.

I have received several encouraging emails and comments from our readers/prayer partners reminding me to seek rest and not just focus on “the work” at hand.

I had some good times of confessions and prayer with a couple of my guy friends/accountabity partners last week. So Sunday I took the advice and had a hike and prayer with the kids and Kira, a nap and movie with Max then I got to watch my first pro basketball game live with a local young believer friend. Ella and Jenny also went to get their hair and nails done. It was a very good and restful Sunday. Thanks for prayers and encouragement to keep us healthy and balanced.

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Aid Kbir raw

Some of you may not have the stomach for this. Consider yourself warned. But in these parts of the world you don’t get sensored from images like this. It’s apart of life.

Below you have the biggest holiday of the year in raw pics and videos.

The very last video is a 360 video of my close friend’s entire apt complex with all the sacrifices happened at once.


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