The heat is on HIGH!

So, here’s the current temperature update:

So, when the temperature rises above 100 degrees you don’t need to warm up before working out. I don’t really know what I’m saying. I’m trying to come up with creative word pictures to say that as the summer heat in August gets to be nearly unbearable, God doesn’t stop… so neither do we.

Here’s some of the latest spiritual things that have heated up:

– recently I’ve met with and delivered a book to a guy in a dangerous neighborhood who is a radiologist. He has great questions. Remains interested. And by the sounds of it he is studying on his own. 

– another guy I just met this week is about my age. He is married with a 3 yr old girl and his wife is pregnant. He is essentially an independent pharmaceutical sales rep. He used to be a doctor but now sells to doctors. He is a huge reader. Knows a little about all the world religions. This guy was super stoked to get his first Book. Has only had a french copy up to this point. He is totally open to keep meeting and as I shared vison stuff with him about what God is doing, he mentioned how he has the chance to converse with many doctors who are open to discuss faith. It’s like he already has a pre-faith heart to share truth.

– tomorrow I’m meeting up again for the second time with a guy who is convinced he has spirits attacking him. (We have a whole prayer circle lifting up this guys, so don’t fret). But he has searched for 6 years how to get rid of these spirits and perhaps he is ready for the power of the Blood to heal him.

These are just three recent stories to demonstrate how the spiritual heat continues to burn hot here.

Monday I meet with a guy to discuss when he will get dunked. 

It’s getting hot here and we ain’t talking heat index. When Aslan moves, He evidently brings the heat.

Thank you Lord!!

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