The twilight zone vs movement of God

I really don’t know how to deliver this good news. So many good things among a handful of local people all in one car ride… how to communicate this without getting too confusing.

Well, here we go…

Character list: 

“Samuel”- young believer of one year, dunked in our pool 9 months ago. Growing super fast in the faith. Calls me up to study the Word, but he will often lead the study now. 

“Markus”- 20 yr old. young believer of 5 months. He has been very inactive with me because he is in a tough neighborhood. Wants to grow. Distracted at time.

“Kilenious”- 21 year old young believer of about 3 months. Growing quite a bit, mostly on his own. Smart engineer type kid. Sharing his faith gently with friends. Taking his faith serious.

“Samo”- 22 years old. An almost believer. Best friends with Kilenious. Participating in group studies. Not yet convinced enough to follow. (I just found out his younger sister is a secret believer; crazy stuff going on in this guy’s story).

“Charlie”- agnostic friend of both Kilenious and Samo. 22 yrs old. Never met him before yesterday.

“Aymen”- new locally dunked believer from two weeks ago.

“Me”- Stevie. A little too crazy for most people’s comfort level. Somewhat coachable. Mostly a loose cannon. Loves The Son!!

The 3 Hour car ride:

So yesterday I was able to participate in a beach event of about 30 young people organized through the local big gathering downtown. I was particular excited because it was going to give me the opportunity to bring a few of my local contacts together whom I usually have to meet one on one. Most of them don’t know each other.

I was able to take 5 guys there and since we were the last car to leave, I was able to fill up my car with the six characters above. 

Samuel sat up front with me because his legs are the longest (and he just gave up smoking 1 month ago). Kilenious and Charlie sat in the back because they don’t smoke. The other three guys sat in the middle seats because, like nearly everyone else in this country, they still are addicted to cigarettes.

About 30 minutes into the ride Samuel asks me if we should do a Book Study in the car… you know read The Word together. This Samuel just gave his life to the Lord last year, he’s the youngest guy in the car, but without shame or embarrassment leads a study in the car from Romans 7 😳.

I kid you not, the study lasted no less than an hour. Everyone except the agnostic spoke. They were debating theology, the commandment, the battle of sin. Charlie ended the whole study by asking one question that everyone must answer… “what is one thing we learn about man?” He forgot to end with “two other questions, but he lead and concluded with full participation. Two of the new believes prayed very encouraging prayers. Then we finished the last hour listening to a CD Samuel brought of worship songs that half the guys never heard before.

Then I dropped everyone at their homes. The last one with me in the car was Markus. He has not met with me super regularly. But usually always it’s just the two of us. But before he got out he said, “next time you have a meeting in your neighborhood let me know because I want to come.”

I know this doesn’t read quite how it played out. I am leaving some details out for the sake of the blog length. But for me, as one almost getting to be just a fly on the wall while driving, it was hard to know if this was the Twilight Zone or if I really was getting an inside look at the move of God that is taking place.

All these guys are first generation believers who don’t have one adult believer in their family. They are growing at different paces. They are introducing their friends to their faith. And they are growing in courage. 

One car. 4 young believers. 1 almost believer. 1 agnostic. And me.

This is a country where 10 years ago people didn’t see anyone come to faith in a 5-10 year period. But now this.

Twilight Zone? I don’t think so.

All of us on this blog are a part of a true move of God!

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4 thoughts on “The twilight zone vs movement of God

  1. Gigi

    Just sitting here crying over this! Overwhelmed at God’s moving.

  2. Janet

    😳 and you’d like to know that Old World Timber was mentioned in the newspaper today! It was about restaurants in “The Barn” at the new Summit at Fritz Farm I. Lexington

  3. Chris Phebus


    Chris Phebus 859-338-6650 c

    Sent from my phone


  4. todd stroud

    This is amazing. Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you Jesus and thank you Stevie for being His servant.

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