Seeking specific prayer partners.

On a much more important note than rabbit gender confusion, we want to seek out a handful of people to join in specific prayer.

We need prayer help for our “follow up” names.  We have dozens of people we are “responsible” for and their needs require more than just my time.

To remind everyone what this means, since returning to NAfrica last Fall I have been able to participate in following up with people who write in through social media asking for spiritual help.

The names range widely in spiritual interest. Some of these people desire to receive The Good Book immediately and continue to meet and often believe, others are already believers seeking to meet another believer for the first time, or maybe they just want to understand how to be “dunked.” Still others give us their name and number, but never end up meeting even once.

This task is the tip of the spiritual spear. We have the opportunity to meet with dozens of people regularly who have never met another believer, never read The Word in print and perhaps have never heard of how to be saved… EVER. We get to spend nearly all our ministry time with these kind of folks. So, it would be self evident that the enemy would desire to disrupt this at any intersection possible.

Often times guys will meet up, then they are never heard from again ever. Sometimes guys will never actually come to the initial rendezvous. Sometimes guys will pray and believe never to contact us again. Still others are believing and remaining faithful while battling in the journey. We are constantly juggling guys (and gals for the ladies) at these various spiritual points of contact.

It’s not that we have tried to take this task on our own up to this point, but the “work” can get confusing and sensitive. For one, it’s hard to share names online. And also, it will take greater work detailing the needs of each person to those interested in praying.

However, we have reached a point where we are desperate. I am desperate. This work is so rewarding, but so hard. To work and labor to meet up with one guy who eventually never shows is draining. To have a mature guy suddenly start asking for a job or money can be discouraging. To know the problems these young believers face at home can be overwhelming. 

It’s very difficult to not approach a new guy with too much excitement and scare him away.  It’s also hard to know at what pace to take different people. Scheduling is hard. Transportation is hard. The balance between my own family’s need and the needs of young believers is hard. Knowing whether to take on more names or less names is hard. And withstanding Satan’s attacks in my own life and mind and heart can be hard.

The work requires specific prayer.

So, if you would be interested in receiving names and updates to pray for seekers/believers who are at various phases of the faith journey, please reply to this post with your full name and email.

For those interested we will cover more details in a different correspondence.

For everyone, the fact that you love us, support us, read our blog, pray for us and more, you are engaged in the work. You get to celebrate every victory. So don’t be pressured to “do more.” 

We appreciate everything… thank you Jesus.

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3 thoughts on “Seeking specific prayer partners.

  1. Gigi

    Yes, I want names please!!

  2. Stephanie Owen

    yes please. Stephanie Owen

  3. Andrew & Stephanie

    We’ll help!

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