Gender update.

We feel like it is of upmost importance to inform everyone of a crucial oversight.

Lilly is a boy. Ninja was the girl.

We have yet to disclose this news to our kids. With self-identification happening all the time we don’t want to royally confuse our children. However, after my buddy Bechir double checked “behind the curtain” on on one remaining live bunny, it was evidently “she” is a “he.”

We don’t make these proclamations lightly. It’s not going to be easy explaining to Max why Lilly can’t get pregnant.

In summary, the bunny, Ninja, who recently died, was the female. Our only hope of baby bunnies. Now we will have to find another female for a new arranged marriage with Lilly. Lilly, the male bunny.

Oops. My bad kids 😳😬😁🐰🤔

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3 thoughts on “Gender update.

  1. Hahaha! Bechir to teach us all the ways! 🙂

  2. janet

    I really don’t think it matters the sex. Two bunnies of any sex will procreate! Ours did!

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