The bunny did it.

I’m not a biologist or a zooologist. Actually, I would never be identified to be any kid of oligist.

However, I am a mystic (in the Stevie Brown sense). And as such I believe our latest dead bunny is to blame for the appendicitis.

You tell me. The same day Max’s bunny, Ninja, died, Ella was diagnosed with an infected appendix. Coincidence? I think not.

The gray bunny, Lilly, is nice and plump. We think she finally might be pregnant. But Ninja, the black bunny, never really grew well, was always skimpy, and one half day in direct sunlight and bunny #8 kicked the proverbial can.

No one panic. I’m gonna take whatever pennies we have left after the the current medical bills and buy another $3 male rabbit to keep Lilly company.

We are not mad at Ninja for the appendicitis, but I do blame him.

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One thought on “The bunny did it.

  1. Jane Piatt

    Poor Ninja…can’t even defend himself against the accusationsđŸ˜¢

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