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4 dunkings in 1 weekend

Ten years ago people didn’t see 4 people dunked in an entire year. Among our network of partners this last weekend we had 4 dunkings in 3 different places around the city. 

The guy I told you about last week went through with his ceremony in the pool at our house. The other ones “went under” in the mediterranean.

Just since January our network has had 27 ppl “go under.” The college campus “workers” we are friends with have seen 80 students come to The Son since the start of the 2016 school year till now. I have 3 new guys this week alone wanting to have a first time meeting with me.

This is unprecedented in countries like this. 

I know there are an innumerable amount of difficult things in your life and in this world as we speak. But we can believe without any uncertainty that our Father is still in the business of reconciliation and healing. It’s happening here after centuries of generational chains and darkness…

Aslan may not be safe, but He is good and He is on the move!!

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Friends, dogs and dead bunnies

Thank the Lord for great friends. One benefit of real good friends is you can dog sit for each other. For the two weeks we were in the US our close friends David and Emily watched our dog Kira. Kira and their dog Seneca get along like old college roommates. They play great. So it’s actually helpful to have them entertain each other.

Anyways, David and Emily were headed out of town, so this weekend became our turn to dog sit.

Unfortunately we did not get a chance to get Seneca acclimated with the bunnies. So, as I came home late in the morning last Friday, from outside the house I could hear Seneca barking like a mad woman. Yup, you guessed it. She didn’t know what to do with the bunnies except to try to eat them. When I got home they were both dead.

If you are keeping count at home this makes 7 for 7 bunnies who have used our home as a portal for bunny heaven. Our average length of living bunnies at 107 Vingt Mars (our address) is about 8 days. These last two only lasted 5.

So what does this dad do? He let’s the kids cry it out, he prepares a burial ceremony, then he takes the kids back to the bunny market to have yet another go at it. At $3/bunny it’s hard to not keep trying.

But this time I bought a cage strong enough for a nuclear blast. At least that’s what I understood from the bunny cage salesman as he pitched me in Arabic. 

We don’t surrender easy here at thebrownspot4 central command center. When good friends let their dog eat our bunnies, we get new friends… wait, I mean, we get new bunnies. Good friends are worth way more than $3 Bucks.


โ€‹old bunnies (round#3)

New bunnies (round #4)

Nuclear Proof Cage (๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฅ๐Ÿ˜)

Let’s see how long they live ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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Sunday Morning

Almost every Sunday morning Stevie takes the kids on an adventure and leaves me to have precious quiet alone time! It’s heavenly and the best gift they could give me. Ha! To leave me alone! 

Here’s a quick video I made just now. Wishing I could sit and sip my coffee with so many of you! 


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Some of the latest great news.

This much good news needs bullet points in order get through each one. So here we go:

*just yesterday we had a new local (Sam) come to follow The Son after hearing the testimony of another local believer. Sam had only met with us one other time. In his second meeting he came to faith.

*a family was just visited on Monday for the first time who live far in the southern mountains. These are the mountains where bad activities from extremist groups have resulted in nasty killings. The husband of this family started having dreams of The Son 5 years ago. He came to faith 4 years ago. He eventually led his wife to faith. They have 5 children to whom they read Bbl stories. They would like to start a home chch since they live so far away from the capital. But they had not met any other believers until Monday. Crazy.

*last night at 10p my partner and I drove to meet and deliver a Book to a new guy. He works in the same town where the container of wood was sent from. The port town is called Rades. It was certainly a needle in a hay stack kind of search to find this guy. It was seriously miraculous how we found his car waiting for us. He was a little hesitant to chat with us, but was eager to take a Book. We are now connected on Facebook and plan to meet next week, Lord willing.

*on the wood side of things, a big big customer whom we have been praying would order and many of you have prayed would order our wood has finally told us they plan to place their first big order this week. Please please pray. This will be a game changer for our business and international work.

*another of our our local guys who came to faith a few months ago would like to get “dunked” in our pool this Saturday.

*my friend who leads the CRU (campus ministry) group here in country just told me they had 20 new students come to faith over the last two weeks. Mostly 4th and 5th generation friends.

*both Max and Ella have received great school reports. They are both doing great and their French and Arabic are improving. 

*Jenny is exhausted from teaching, but she still loves it. It’s one of those things… it’s hard, but good. She still needs prayer as she works full time in a difficult country.

*the 6am Crossfit class I teach is growing. We are close to 10 ppl each morning.

*we bought the kids each a rabbit on Easter Sunday. Kira may be the most excited ๐Ÿ˜ณ

**these are just some of the most recent great pieces of news. More is happening and more is yet to come. The Son is at work in this world. Aslan is on the move. Come HS, come!!

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Craig Calvert (Guest blogger)

We would like to introduce an old friend of ours who used to be apart of the youth group in Lexington we helped with. Now he is a close adult friend. It’s quite awesome.

Readers, meet Craig.

Craig’s post-

“After a little over a year of living in the same continent of Africa, I’ve gotten the opportunity to visit the Browns. Though life in North Africa looks a bit different than life in East Africa (the beautiful teal-blue ocean for starters), it’s been great hearing about some of the similar experiences, struggles and successes. In just a few days here Stevie has shown me around and brought me into some of how his daily life can look. Its so encouraging to see the discipleship that I learned about at early morning Waffle House meetings in action at a cafe half way around the world. I’m thankful for The Father’s timing and the opportunity to see the 18 year old profess his new faith in The Son as Stevie described in the last post. Though I just saw the harvest, it was apparent how much prayer and planting of seeds had gone into his life up to this point. So as Stevie said in the last post, there is much for us all to celebrate. Sometimes we just have to be reminded we’re also part of the battle.”

We want to thank Craig for coming and visiting for a few days. You are an inspiration to us brother.

I got to take one day and show him some beautiful ocean and help Craig decompress from the demands of his life in South Sudan.

Oh yeah, Craig and I got to sub at CCA and teach PE. Here is Craig and his drill sargent ways:

Love you brother Craig. See you when you come back here to live ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ™Œ

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Some great news.

So, upon returning to NAfrica I texted a few of my new friends who have been discovering the Son. You may have guessed that the one guy who got back to me immediately was the boy who had “beautiful news to share.” He’s the same one who has had two consecutive dreams lately.

Well, in good old fashion “you can’t make this stuff up” I must tell you something as a side note. One of my close close old “youth group kids” who has become a close adult friend, Craig Calvert, just arrived this morning to visit us for three days. He has been working in South Sudan for the last two years. Craig got to come with me to visit the 18 year old who had “beautiful news to share.”

So, at 1p today, with the three of us in my car in a hood well off the beaten path, this young man asks me, “are you ready to hear my most amazing news?” I told him, “yes, I’ve been excited to hear.”  He goes on to share with great joy, excitement and confidence, “I have become a believer.” He said, “I am now following the Son.”

I’m telling all of you readers right now Aslan is on the move. This is not a story woven together by any human hand. The Father is drawing people to himself. 

I’m sure there will be more to tell of this story and many more. Please just know that I share this because this is something we all get to celebrate together. Every person who prays, who gives, who works hard and struggles through this difficult life while remaining faithful to the Kingdom… each of you get to share in what the Father is doing. 

More to come. Rejoice. Be glad. We are on the good team!


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