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Two great reports…

Two things we wanted to report to everyone before we fly back to NAfrica.

Before we give them we want to share generally that things with our family and things with the business stateside are better than just a few months ago. We have had some really hard issues we have been working through, and upon returning to NAfrica we have an unexpected peace and joy after seeing God work. We can’t thank enough for lifting our family up to the Lord on our behalf.

Two uniquely great reports: 

1- we had a meeting yesterday with a potentially game changing customer who is very interested in buying the very wood that we have in most abundance. If this customer begins ordering our barnwood like we anticipate they will, then this will allow us to get much closer to expanding our exotic wood department (i.e. Olive wood, etc).

This customer came to the warehouse yesterday and toured all of our facilities. They love our product and they share in spirit our same mission of “Reclaim, Redeem, and Repurpose more than just wood.”

Do I am happy to report that this meeting was a success. We will find out within 1-3 weeks just how much wood they plan to order. But it could be huge!

2- The second bit of encouraging news to report is from my new friend in NAfrica that I have written about and shared the dreams he has been having. He had a dream of wandering in the desert, then a dream of being led to The Son. Just about a month ago, however, he said his dad was threatening his life after he had discovered his reading material. My friend was in a place of real trials.

But I am excited to report that Monday morning he facebooked me and this is what he said: “Andy lyk khbar mizyén 😉 just ki trauah tau nahkylek 🙂”

Translation: I have beautiful news for you when you return.”

I asked to give me a little hint and he then responded in English with: “I made new believer friends… They are teenager like me .. I’m allways in the chch I complète reading Matthew .. John .. Mark and right now Im reading Luke .. And the best news Im gonna tell u when u return to NAfrica. .. I can’t wait u to tell u all thing about the best happyness in my life .. Just tell me now .. When u return to here ??”

I’m so excited to hear what he has to share. Can’t wait to pass the news on.

In the midst of hard times The Father continue to do His work!

Love you friends. Thank you for your prayers. Don’t stop 👍😘

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Home sweet original home

It’s weird to have two homes. Wonderful and exciting and weird! But there certainly is no place like the “original”.  Although our hearts have made a home in North Africa – as I sit here in my mom’s living room, walking on her familiar carpeted floors and drinking a cup of coffee in the Centerville Service Center mug- I am thankful for my original home! It’s like taking a deep relaxing breath. 

I’m not writing to compare earthly homes to heavenly today- I’ve done that before on this blog 🙂 just writing to inform you all that it feels really good to be here! Really. Really. Good. We spent our first night with the Welch clan, watching basketball and going to Kroger. It was divine!  And today we celebrate birthdays of my niece and nephew and go visit my grandpa. Divine! 

Thank you to all of you people who prayed me through the last two weeks while Stevie and Max were waiting for Ella and I in America! We made it! And now we enjoy family and friends for two weeks! Hope to see many of your faces soon! 


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Sufficient grace! 

Yesterday was difficult for sure. Stevie and Max went back early to the states (to work at Old World Timber) and Ella and I will join them when our spring break starts on the 15th. As we walked away from the airport-without our guys – I felt pretty weak and alone. And thankfully was quickly reminded of His power being made perfect when I am weak.  If you think of us over the next eleven days please pray. Oh, and of course, I have lice again. I’ll try to get rid of it completely before coming to see you all! 

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