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Thankful and heavy.

Quick live update to say we are thankful and at the same time heavy in spirit.

Many blessings many hardships. They usually come in pairs I guess.

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

‭‭James‬ ‭1:2-4‬ ‭NASB‬‬

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You can’t make this stuff up (part 2)

So, “Eric” just called me (the guy who had a dream of falling in the desert over and over) and said he thinks the Father gave him the second dream to complete the first.

He said he had a dream of one of the girls he met at the national gathering and she took him by the hand and led him to the chch to meet the Son.
He called me and immediately asked me, “do you think this is the second part of the dream that He gave me?”
He said, “do you think it is the Son (not Mhmd) leading me to Himself?”
I told him that God does sometimes communicate like this.
These are crazy times. I guess this is just what The Son does sometimes.
Don’t stop praying!

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You can’t make this stuff up!!

So, just a quick update on some of the awesome things The Father is doing here.

Hold your breath and try to follow along. It’s gonna be a ride.

Not gonna use real names for obvious reasons.

So, I’ve been able to get more and more involved with connecting with guys who contact us through Facebook and such. Actually, me and two other ‘mercans do it together. We are having too much fun and we are way too blessed to get to do this as a trio. Sometimes all three of us meet with one guy, sometimes just two of us, sometimes the schedule allows for just one of us to make it. You get the point.

So two weeks ago we met with “Tom” who has beloved for about 5 months and has decided he is ready to get dunked.

Two days later I met with a guy “Eric” on my own who told me he had a dream. He was running in the desert and every few steps he would fall. This happened over and over. But then a bright light showed up and a man appeared. Eric said he became afraid. But then this man reached his hand down and picked him up. Just this past Saturday Eric prayed to follow the Son.

Immediately after Eric prayed, him and I went to see a third guy, “Brian”. Brian says he is on the road to believe in the Son and him and his cousin study The Book together that I gave him 2 weeks ago and his cousin is also on the path to believe. This third guy had told me he had a dream the night before. For the first 45min Eric and Brian just shared back and forth, basically growing each other’s faith. Then before I had to go I asked Brian to tell me his dream. He went on to tell me just the night before he had a dream where he was in a dark ally that had no lights. Then all of a sudden he saw my face. I asked for clarification and he affirmed it was my face. I was a little surprised. Never had that happen before. He said all he could see was my face because everything was so dark. Then someone grabbed his hand, he didn’t know if it was me or someone else, and then all of the suddden the ally became lit, bright with lights. Brian is very excited to keep meeting. And he is close to following the Son.

Just yesterday a few of my buddies got to go be apart of a dunking where 4 locals were dunked by their local friends who lead them to faith.

Tomorrow I get to go meet and give yet another guy I’ve never met a Book. He says he wants a book and wants to follow the Son.

You truly can’t make this stuff up. 

This is all just within the last two weeks. And the reality is, I am one of more than 20 people doing the same thing and everyone has just as amazing stories. It’s like the springs are beginning to burst open.

Please keep lifting us all up and all these new followers. It’s totally exciting to be alive in 2017.

PTL for real.

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I blame Grandma Taylor

I took this quick video as I was driving to school this am.  I sang this song all the time for my Grandma. She’s with Jesus now, but she would ask me to sing it over and over! Seriously, we sang it soooo often! After listening to the words this morning come out of Ella’s mouth I realize Grandma is partly to blame for my crazy life! 

Even then God was using “The Promise Song” to speak His confidence into a little girl from Ohio! 

“I can go anywhere that You want me to go. I can be anything that You want me to be. I can climb the high mountains. I can cross the wide sea…”

Careful, Grandmas, what songs you teach your children! They just might believe those words!! ​

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Got lice?

We share a lot of things in kindergarten! Including lice. That’s right- after finding a few cases at school (specifically in my room) the Dr checked my head and yikes! Needless to say I have not had the day I was expecting. Ella and I spent about two hours at a friends’ house combing through hair and pulling out the follicles containing eggs then we started the treatments, finished the washing, and sent daddy to pick up some dinner!

This was a hard day but I am thankful for friends here who help (and bring me chocolate) and thankful that in the grand scheme of things this was really not a big deal at all!

So here’s a few pics of our bug infested day!   After a freak out moment with my friend, Sarah, she later brought a molten lava cake by our house! Because even here- chocolate makes it all better.

A picture of the lice killer to put on our hair! A little help with translation please!

If you don’t have a friend who will comb through your hair for two hours and pick out bugs- then you don’t have a friend.

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