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Prayers and praises 

Nearly every week we encounter new people who want to read the Book with us and many are beginning to believe and desire to be “dunked.”  Many of our new believers are sharing their faith with at least a few others. These are exciting times.

Here are some real numbers to demonstrate I’m not talking in hyperbole. One group we are in community with saw over 50 university students come to faith last year. Another group we work with saw 73 people come to faith and get dunked. All in just 2016. It is exponentially greater than previous years. And 2017 is off to more great things that He is doing. Life in ministry is very exciting.

But we need your focused prayers for the wood business. Please pray for God to bring to us people who want reclaimed wood. Things are both good and very difficult at the moment. We need God’s daily manna. But how hard it is to live on daily manna.

Thank you for celebrating with us and lifting us up. 

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Since Christmas

How did Christmas come and go so quickly? We had a wonderful break and also enjoyed a few fun things since then. Here’s a peak at our past few weeks…

We took a trip about six hours south to visit a friend. This close friend was my arabic tutor for a couple of years, but last year while we were in the states her and her family moved south. It was an adventure to go visit them, stay in their home, and see the sights along the way.

We also took a day as a family in Hammamet, one of our favorite beach places here!

And…My 36th birthday was spent with some great friends and food!!

Here are a few pics…

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