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What’s a live edge olive wood floating shelf you ask?

Check these sample pics out I borrowed from the internet. 

These are the types of shelves we gonna be cooking up. Come getcha some.

Congrats to Matt and Tina Olsen for winning our first one ever from North Africa.

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Final day, day 12 of the Christmas giveaway.

We hope you have enjoyed this giveaway. 

On our last day we have chosen to have two winners. 

Check out the results here:

There you go. The games are now closed.

Merry Christmas.

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Days 10&11.

We are so not on schedule for this 12 days of Christmas giveaway, but doesn’t that add an exciting spin?

It’s all on purpose. We love to thrill.

Here’s the day 10&11 winners. We decided to do day 12 on Christmas Day… mostly because we have to go buy one last gift πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Really, that’s a joke. We already have the gifts all planned out 😳

And the winners are…


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Day 7&8; Here you have it.

​Winner 1 gets this cutting board:

Winner 2 gets this spoon:

And the winners are…



PS- this video was suppose to have posted two days ago. Just now saw it didn’t go through. So here you go.  And we are about to do days 9, 10 & 11 now. It’s gonna be a crazy day of winning!!  

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Day 9.

Day 9 winner of some olive wood goodness is…


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Day 6 giveaway.

Yes, we can count. We are a day behind. Where’s your Christmas spirit? Nobody is wrong this time of year, isn’t that right?

OK. You don’t want commentary. You just want to win.

Here you go:


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a HUGE VICTORY for us all!

I would like to interrupt this Christmas giveaway madness and report some amazing news.

As of this last Tuesday our container of olive wood from here in North Africa is now sitting in the security of our Lexington, Ky warehouse.

I can barely believe that I have the opportunity to write this to all of you. The symbolic nature of this news is, for us, divine. We began less than 9 months ago with a new dream, what we would even say a calling from the Lord, to begin exporting olive wood from our new home country in NAfrica. To have actually received the wood to our warehouse this December after having just arrived back here in August tells us this… there must have been people praying.

We truly try to never use the “thanks for praying” line as a figure of speech. We don’t say that because we feel some spiritual obligation to sprinkle some “God talk” to our human effort. There is no doubt in our minds that the successful delivery of this first olive wood container from here in NAfrica is nothing less than the grace of God through the prayers of the saints. You don’t succeed in this country because of great grit or whit. It doesn’t work that way. There are too many “X factors” working against you. 

I can remember in early September posting our contract on here and asking for prayer over it, then asking for prayer in our dealings with the locals and asking for prayer as the container went through Spain, then Norfolk, Cincinnati, and ending in Lexington. God’s hand of favor has been on US. That US includes all of our friends, family and prayer warriors who have been lifting us up. I feel this is a victory we should all indeed share together. There’s a lot of bad news in the world at the moment. This is not one of them. We believe the symbolic nature of this successful delivery has eternal lives attached to it… 

So, please join in celebrating with me and Jenny, my brother Nathan and his wife Katy, my parents and my two sisters, Sarah-Marie and Liz, who also are now involved, Bechir our local partner here and our company Old World Timber. God is helping us do something truly unique. We can’t and don’t want to try to go about it alone. We are stronger together.

There’s an African proverb that says, “Go alone go fast. Go together, go far.” We desire to take the long journey together with all of you who are praying. It’s what the community of faith is for.

Let’s celebrate the coming of the Messiah this Christmas. And add to that, this successful olive wood container. I think God is ok with celebrating much.

From NAfrica…

To Lexington.

What a journey.

Thank you Father God for your favor.

Thank you readers for your prayers.


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Days4&5 of the Xmas giveaways.


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Day 3.

You might not believe this one.

one of our favorite subscribers won tonight!!!

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Day 2.

Hey, we didn’t forget. It’s still day 2 on the west coast. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

And the winner is…

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