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First Official Crossfit

So, since I’m super pumped about how things have developed this week, I feel I gotta share with our peeps. You are our peeps in case you didn’t know.

Saturday’s grand opening of the new crossfit gym was a big success. At times unpredictable, yet good.

This last Wednesday ended up being the first ever official Crossfit class that I have led as a certified trainer. That is exciting to me.

For the foreseeable future I will have the 6:15am and 7:15am classes M/W/F. So I will be done by 8:30am and can do wood and discipleship the rest of the day. Works great for us!

Here is a picture of the 3 people that showed up for my first 6:15am class. It will take some time to build momentum that early around here.

Here’s some pics of the crowd last Saturday night:

This part of life is starting to unfold well. Next week you will receive an update on how the wood is unfolding 😬 

Mucho love 

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2 Exciting Happenings

Things don’t always go right in this corner of the world, but RARELY do 2 GOOD things happen simultaneously. 

First, it appears as if our olive wood will ship out this week. Export may be the easy part… then comes import into the US. Thank you all for your prayers over this. Please don’t stop.

Here’s some pics of the beautiful pallets that we have waiting at the port:

Second thing. Evidently CrossFit is also happening. It looks like I’m gonna be an official trainer. Our photo shoot and grand opening is happening today. We shall see…

I wish I knew what was really going on with any of this. Mostly I’m being taken by the crazy current.

Will keep you updated!


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I need help.

Hey friends and family. Thank you all for tracking with us. Jenny and I just took a stress test for an evaluation coming up and the reality is we are doing really good. There are some areas of little stress, but no real areas of huge concern. Praise God for real!

That being said, last week and this week have been doozies for me in particular. We are on the verge of getting our first container of olive wood on the water. Hopefully by this week it will happen. However, for this to happen we really need prayer. I have felt like a bad person every time I have gone to deal with the guys cutting our wood. Every step seems like a fight here.  You simply cannot take people at their word. That is not hyperbole, that is the reality. You have to take whatever anyone says, add cultural and spiritual insecurities and bad habits into it, then throw it all in a blender and take a sip. Then after the sip you do your best to guess what you are drinking.  Teaching things of excellence here is like teaching Marsian to someone from Jupiter.

Add to all of this the fact that my brother, Nathan, just had to have knee surgery after a tragic sports injury (Nathan is the one leading this reclaimed wood world of ours).

All this to say, our dream is alive and active, but it is super hard. Just because it is hard doesn’t make it bad; we get that. But these last two weeks have been a doozie.

So, we ask for prayer not as an avenue to complain or receive pity. Not that at all. We ask for prayer because truly we need the guidance, grace and gifting of our Father.  The balance between showing love and playing hardball over here is enough to make me feel like a regular failure. I need both confidence and compassion; but neither seem to come at the proper time. So, I guess I also need timing from Him as well.

We have been forced to ask God not for one big miracle to solve it all, but instead for a small miracle every day. He has been delivering. But we remain weak. Thank you God that you are strong.

Thank you for your continued prayer.


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