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Wood stuff is coming together.

Praise God that He has brought my brother and I the local partner we truly trust and believe in (let’s call him Bradford for now) This guy works his tail off. He gets up early, goes to bed late, arrives to appointments early… Truly a God send. I have known him for  about 3 years. He was the one in charge of renovating the gym a couple years ago.

Bradford is a believer. But he is not just a believer. He is coachable, teachable, softhearted and listens to others… Something uncommon among believers and unbelievers alike here in NAfrica.

He has found so many trees for us to buy that we are more concerned with how to transport, not how to find.

Here are some pics of some of our adventures so far:

Those are some of the bigger trees we have found.

These are our earliest samples.

And this is me and Bradford this morning in front of the ministry of export of agriculture products… Early.

Since most people here are quite as responsible as Bradford, we are having to wait. So we grabbed some lemonade (constant coffee is starting to kill us both). 😜

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Never stop noticing funny!

Oh boy, it has been forever since we have written a “Never stop noticing funny” post. For those who are new to our blog, let me update you. When my brother came over with us the very pray time we moved, we both laughed at so many of the strange things we saw. He told me, “Stevie, never stop noticing these funny things. If you stop laughing at the bizarre things, then I will come punch you.” 

So, out of respect for Nathan and all the things we take too serious I life, we consistently try to document the funny things of our 2nd home.

It seems like we could start all over again from the first time we arrived. We will try to keep it fresh 😜

But here is the first picture of “Never stop noticing funny.”

Why would we not take a picture of this? It’s just to awesome!

More to come. This was just to wet your appetite 😂😂

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Fruits of our labor

Those of you who have been following us for a few years would remember the posts and pics of when we first built our grape arbor.

The vine has always brought us delicious grapes. But it has taken a little work to get it to grow healthy to its current life.

Upon returning to NAfrica one of the first things me and the kids did was to groom the vine a little bit. After a little TLC it has once again become one of our favorite places to hang out early in the morning or late in the afternoon. We were able to spend some priceless moments with Yaya up here before she left

When you come visit, we will definitely have coffee here:

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Ode to YaYa!

Many of you might know my mother in law and although we always give her a hard time she is quite top notch. This lady can do it all and she arrived in country with us last week! She has been grandma, mom, cook, cleaner, encourager, teacher, friend, grocery shopper, story teller, and sooooo much more. Tomorrow night she must leave and fly back to your side of the ocean and our hearts are so sad. If you think of us say a prayer. Max already asked her this morning to stay just a little longer.

We love you so much, mom, and I’m so happy you were able to help us transition back. It was a priceless decision.  If any of you readers out there see her soon I’m sure she would be happy to show you a few pics and tell a few stories of our crazy life here!

love your DIL-


A few more pics….

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Day 4 (feels like Day 94)

Can it be that last week at this time we were in Ohio?! Craziness!

I’ll let these pictures describe our last four days…

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Hey friends and family!

We finally made it back home! The flights were wonderful and all of our bags made it! I’m not going to tell you how many bags were in total, but there were a lot!

We were greeted by many friends today and although we are exhausted we are going to bed tonight with smiles on our faces, excited for what is ahead (and hoping that jet lag is kind to us all this week)!

Stevie’s mom, Becky, came with us and is staying for ten days!!!! Yeah!!! I’ll post some more pictures later of our house but here are a few from today!

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