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“Showcase” this Sunday

To all our Central Kentucky Friends…

This Sunday evening at 4:30pm we are going to have a “Showcase” at my brother’s reclaimed wood warehouse.  If you are interested in coming please text me at 859-553-8434 for more info. We have a few more available “seats.” We want anyone who desires to be apart of this unique global business journey to come and get an inside scoop.

Everyone who comes to the “showcase” will be entered to win this walnut bench from Old World Timber.  Someone will be walking home with this. Well, you might not want to walk with it. It’s pretty heavy. The final look will be unveiled Sunday. Here is what it looks like in process:

pic of bench

Hope to see you guys this Sunday!

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Two month countdown.

Yup. That’s right. We are staring down the barrel at our return to NAfrica. We leave August 2nd, so we have rounded the turn with two months remaining.

This leaves both Jenny and I with all sorts of mixed feelings. We are certainly excited to return and continue our lives in Bardo, our neighbourhood in the capital city.  However, goodbyes are totally lame.  We love hard, so it’s always really hard to say farewell.

What make this coming goodbye more tricky is we don’t plan to return for an extended stay back in the US for many many years.  We will probably return more often, but for sure for a lesser time period. A month one summer, a month at Christmas another year, etc.  In some ways this is going to make life easier on us.  Transitioning back and forth like we have these last four years has it’s own share of difficulties.  At the same time, we realise that staying in NAfrica for the next many years will mean there will be all sorts of close friends and family that we truly will not see for a long, long time.

That’s enough to bring tears to our eyes just thinking about it.  Good thing this temporary life is just a pilgrimage. Imagine if we all believed this life was all we had. How stupid it would be to do what we are doing.  But, a contraire, we have hope in the life to come.  This life is just a shadow. But the next life will be all of us together, living life uninterrupted by our disgusting sin, all loving God and each other the way He designed. That makes this all worth it.

Although these last two months will go by fast we believe this entire life of ours passes in nearly a blink of an eye.  Let’s all live with eternity in our sights.  Oh what a glorious day that will be!!

Here’s to a celebratory last two months!!

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Calling all Teachers!

I’m sitting on our couch in Wilmore, writing lesson plans and getting excited to teach Kindergarten at CCA this fall! We still need another teacher to come join our team this year! And, guess what?! You or someone you know could come teach Ella’s fourth grade class! Spread the news! Keep your ears peeled! If you hear of anyone who might want to come teach with us this year then please give them our information!

My email is


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