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Our fitness update.

Aecor crossfit

So, we got some exciting things on the horizon regarding our fitness plans.  Jenny is hoping to lead some Jazzercise classes a couple days a week after school for the other teachers and parents of the international school she will be teaching at. So she is excited about that possibility.

And while I have been traveling this year I was able to study for and pass a four month course to be an official international personal trainer. So that was encouraging to me.  And the latest update is that this weekend I will be going to Columbus, OH to take my CrossFit Level 1 certificate course.  So, I hope I pass the written exam :).

And check this out. The pictures above are photos of the first CrossFit gym ever in our country.  It’s just about to open. One of my friends has connected me with the owner. He says once I pass my CrossFit L1 I can join the team at this gym.  For Jenny and I this seems like a crazy way God has answered prayer. Instead of me taking the risk in a foreign country and in a difficult economy to start a new CrossFit gym or the likes on my own, we have a local guy who has taken that whole risk.  I will be able to train others & benefit from the community and relationships without the intensity of running the gym on my own.  And the location of the gym will basically draw all upper class customers. This genre of people is always hard to access. So what an opportunity.

It’s not set in stone. I must first pass my course this weekend. And I will discover the reality of things at this gym when we return. But it is super exciting to see how things are unfolding.  Jenny and I will have a great opportunity to remain in fitness and do our best to stay healthy while building relationships.  All while she teaches and I do reclaimed wood as we both work with house churches.

We interpret all of this as answered prayer from the many who are lifting us up regularly to our Father.


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For financial supporters.

For those of you interested in financially helping Jenny and I get on our way to being self-supported, please check your email. You might have to go to “All mail” in your inbox. Email servers don’t always allow newsletters to go to the normal inbox.

Let us know if you have any questions at this point.  We are trusting in the Lord to pay for what He orders. So please don’t consider supporting us out of any awkward obligation. God is easy to please. So are Jenny and I.

We love the journey we are on. Who’s coming with us? 🙂


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