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Old World Timber

As you have now heard I will be working with my brother while living in NAfrica in his reclaimed wood business. His business is based in Lexington, Ky. I have been able to help him part time since we’ve been back. It has been so very cool for us both.

The business used to be called Reclaimed American Hardwood. He has, up to this point, been acquiring wood from this local region… From old barns and thoroughbred horse farm fences.

But as of the last couple of month the business has begun to go global. We have begun getting wood from overseas, and the global market looks bright. This is where my job description is beginning to take shape. Europe has lots of old wood, Southeast Asia and even North Africa. So my brother, Nathan, has recently renamed the company Old World Timber, and he believes I can help him.

There are way too many cool things to go through about this opportunity in one post, so I will stop now with a few pictures. We will come back to this opportunity more than a few times as we go…

Check out the website HERE and a few pics below.

The wood used to tie the gondolas in Venice are now ours.

Old wine presses and barns from Eastern Europe are now ours.

Mantle beams, slabs, barn doors and wood from old barns and fence plank from the beautiful Bluegrass state our also ours.

These few pics are just to wet your whistle 🙂 and to help you more fully understand what we will be helping with as we continue to live in NAfrica. We hope to start gathering olive wood from our country over there, and we hope to export wood from many other places.

We will keep you updated.



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It’s. about. to go. down.

Hey friends and fam.

We just sent an updated newsletter. Check the promotions category of your email if you did not see it in your main mailbox.

We discuss briefly about our latest transition into doing ministry in the “marketplace.”  We will be sending regular updates and blog postings to keep all of you informed about our adventure that will continue with some new “flavours” and “spices.”  We are huge advocates of short and sweet updates. Only me (Stevie) gets long winded in person. Online, we try to stay super simple. Send us an email or respond to our blogs if you want further information or if you have questions or comments.  We’d love to hear back from some of you 🙂 others of you no! jk

We are extremely excited to return to North Africa and live even deeper into our sweet spot where God has designed us.  Much of our lives will remain the same. Some of it will change.  All of it will remain an adventure with the Lord.

Let’s all keep in touch as we adventure together!

Mucho love from thebrownspot4!

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DisneyWorld 2016

Hi friends!!

If you want a glimpse of our crazy family Disney trip from February, you can take a peek of this video Stevie made for my parents. It was pretty epic!!

Password:  disney2016

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