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We are spoiled.

I feel like my “America” blogs are quite boring. No fun camel head pictures, or fox videos. No stories about a trip to the desert or the latest terrorist attack. Hmmm. What to write about?!

In just two days we embark on possibly the greatest journey that will ever happen- Disneyworld with my Family! We have been counting down since last year and you better believe we will make an awesome home video and let you all see it first.

I’m sitting here thinking about packing, but packing for Disney is quite a breeze after we have packed and unpacked our entire lives twice over the past three years, almost four. So, I will continue to sit and let myself feel like an excited four year old ready for Disney.

I’m reflecting a lot on our family lately. Because ya know that this journey Stevie and I have chosen is not just about the four of us. Our families (who we are VERY close to) have felt it as well. Behind every one of these blogs are two sets of parents- Joe and Patti and Ron and Becky- that know more about North African food, politics, weather, etc etc than probably anyone else around (including me). Our parents have been ROCKS. But that has not come without struggling through fear, sadness, grief, and a whole lot of other hard things. I am just so honored to have these four always backing us up, always cheering us on and always being our number one supporters. I can really say ALWAYS in every one of those statements. For real. ┬áThe list could go on and on from my brothers and their families to Stevie’s siblings and families as well. We are so spoiled.

My sister-in-law got me a necklace for my birthday that says “brave”. She thinks I am brave. Ha! You know why I feel brave?! And I’m not gonna give you the Jesus answer (although that one is very true for me). I feel brave because I have an amazing husband, 2 miraculous kids, 4 really young parents, 9 hilarious and loveable siblings (including the inlaws), and 9 precious nieces and nephews. My life is so full. I am so spoiled. And I’m gonna just roll around and enjoy it all as we head to Disney on Saturday!

Praying that you feel full tonight as you think of people around you that make you brave.


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