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Bout to leave on “tour.”

As you have now gathered, we are down to updating you guys and posting every day twice a week once a quarter practically. Sorry to all our faithful people who are praying and thinking of us.

Since we are in the US this year on home assignment we feel it might not be as necessary to keep people updated on all our McDonald’s runs and weight gaining 🙂 jk We are actually doing pretty good exercising. Jenny and I have also committed to focusing on prayer and pleading to God on behalf of our team and friends back in NAfrica.  We are very encouraged what God is showing us through these extensive times of prayer.

So, one of our main responsibilities this year is to travel about 5 months out of the year to different churches, groups and organisations to share about all God is doing in our part of the world. Since Ella is in school, Jenny will primarily be here in KY while I go kind of all over sharing.  As you can imagine it will be hardest on Jenny because she will be the only main caregiver to our two kids, keeping HW and discipline going strong. Hopefully those things happen while Im gone 🙂 hehe

This last week all four of us were able to go to Southern California to a group who is committed to walk with us through our work in NAfrica. Having the kids with us was great.  This Saturday, however, I travel to Ohio for four weeks, then will go to Wisconsin for a month and me and the family will mostly be apart that entire time.

Please please please keep us in your prayers. For Jenny as she stays in KY. For me as well. I desire to inspire people to be more in prayer for the barrier that must be broken in order for people to come to believe. Also, I desire to help people rethink the way we view people from that part of the world.

Your prayers are felt, appreciated and continually desired.

We love you guys so much. You will hear back from us probably around December of 2018. Just kidding 🙂

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