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Our computer is fixed! Thanks to the Apple Store in Ohio we are now back in business.

One month ago today we touched down on American soil. It was quite a trek to get back here. We decided it would be fun to leave on Wednesday and stop in Rome for two nights. It was a great idea and we had such a fun time exploring the city with the kids and enjoying each other before we re-entered American life. But as we headed to the airport early Friday morning we found out there was a fire at the Rome airport the day before and a lot of flights were cancelled and one of their big terminals were closed. Yikes. Needless to say we had quite an adventure getting from our apartment in Rome to the moment we sat on the plane (there were tears, collisions on escalators, complete strangers carrying our children for us, arm work outs as we transported five large bags and four carryons without carts, etc, etc), but we made it!

I think it will “get me” every time. That moment when we walk the long hallway to the baggage claim. From far away we can see a large group of people standing around. I can make out the little nieces and nephews chasing each other trying to kill time. I can see my moms talking together. I see new moms bouncing new babies that we have yet to meet. And then we see that they start to notice its us coming. They start clapping and cheering. Ella starts running towards them and my tears flow. How can we be so blessed to have these people cheering us on. But I know they have been cheering us on for way longer than this walk down the corridor. These are the family members that have cried with us, prayed with us and worried with us. They have been… FOR REAL…the wind beneath my wings. On days when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore I know that their prayers carried me through. I’m so blessed by our crazy family. And I think everyone should move away for three years just to experience a welcome home like that! 🙂

Since we have been back we have barely unpacked our suitcases. The first week we stayed in TN with Stevie’s parents and sister’s family. It was the most perfect entrance week…relaxing time with cousins and grandparents. Max spent about 4 hours a day on the swing! The next two weeks Stevie and I went out to CA to see some friends and attend a conference. The kids continued to have a little culture shock with their other cousins and grandparents. Thank you to all of the people who loved on our kids during those two weeks. It was really hard to be away from them, but they were in great hands.

This past week we have been at my parents in Ohio and in Lexington briefly. And this weekend I head off for a girls trip to NYC! I’m coming, Elizabeth!

Here are a few pictures of our last month. We are excited to connect with all of you over this next year!

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