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He’s gonna take care of it.

Hi everybody! I know it’s been forever since we have blogged. Are you even still out there? Maybe we lost you, I hope not. The past month has been a rough one for us but God is so so faithful! And today was quite a doozy.

I’m sure most of you have seen the news today but we had a very scary day here. I was at Ella’s school (about twenty minutes from our house) when we heard news of the terrorist attack at a museum right by our house. I called Stevie and he had just also heard of the news of the attack because he taxied right through there as he got Max from preschool. Scary!

Anyways, Ella and I made it home passing many policeman fully armed, police vehicles, and two huge tanks as well! It was quite surreal. Some of our teammates hung out at our house this afternoon as we kept hearing news of what was taking place less than a kilometer from our house. Don’t worry we kept things light by eating ice cream, cheesecake, and watching The Voice.
So you can look up the news for yourself. It’s a sad end. The hostage situation was taken care of, but 21 people died (including two terrorist). We are getting mixed reports, but it appears that there are still three terrorists that got away.
I’m so tired and still a little dazed that this actually just happened where we live. I’m so sad for our local friends and the grief they are feeling for their country. I might be missing some details. But I did want to let you all know that we are safe. But I’m sure our moms have probably texted all of you by now!

The best part of the day….
as Ella and I were driving home…not knowing what to expect…if there would be barricades or if we would have to turn around and go somewhere else ….I was singing and praying (and maybe crying a little. Just a really small tear, of course)… Ella grabbed my hand and said, “Mom, God let this happen, so He’s gonna take care of it”.
Rest well tonight dear friends and know that God’s gonna take care of it!
We love you!
I promise to write more if you’re still there!

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