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A few Christmas pics


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Christmas Rap n’ Rage 2014

No MacBook for editing, not a lot of rhythm, all in one take, so no apologies.
Just enjoy this video from our livingroom in NAfrica to your’s wherever you are in the world.
Christmas Rap n’ Rage 2014!

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Trainers training trainers!

The reason why THIS video is so special to me is not because we now have a seriously committed following to our somewhat innovative style of doing fitness for NAfrica, although this reality is extremely encouraging to us. The reason this video is special is because of what you can’t see going on.
Let me explain. Hassan, the guy up front in the red, has been leading this Sunday course for a year, slowly building a following. Him and I discussed last year how I want him to train here for us for free, but then one day I want him to start his own gym and he can take all these people with him. Through this journey him and I have already become extremely good friends, and we are confidants one to another. However, the guy you hear yelling and actually leading the group is Seif, our newest and youngest trainer to MaxFIT. Hassan has been mentoring him under the radar the last few months. Here is why this is so strange but so awesome at the same time: here in country, if someone is the “leader” he makes sure it is known and typically he will abuse his power. That is not happening in this video. Not only is the course leader in this video giving his platform to his protege, but two other older trainers of outs are in the group being trained by this young 17yr old protege.
It is such a beautiful picture and the type of thing that people say can’t happen in a culture like this. We are finding that not to be the case.
It is also beginning to happen on a house chch level, so you can imagine, we are beside ourselves with joy and anticipation for what our God is doing!

Keep lifting our business and our home chchs up in thoughts. HE is working for real!!





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Hilarious videos of Ella in our iPad archives.

Like every child in the iPad age, Ella is an aspiring YouTube viral star… Or something to this effect. We have numerous videos all through the last couple of years of Ella. We might have to do a compilation some day. But these two are too funny to pass up.
She may hate me for this in the future, but it’s my iPad, so she agreed to it by association.

First take HERE!

Take number ‘who knows how many’ HERE!

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Never Stop Noticing Funny

Let us catch our new blog followers on a long standing tradition on theBrownspot. My brother told me when he helped us move here in 2012 to never stop noticing the funny things. He said if we ever stop laughing/enjoying the funny things of life, then he would basically come back to punch me in the face… Or something like that.

We do this less than we ought, but here is the latest “Never stop noticing funny” post:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Circus is in town!

The circus from Rome has been here about a month. My friend went to get us tickets for her and I to take our kids before thanksgiving but they were sold out then. So this Wednesday we went out there again to see if they had anything available this weekend or next. As we stood in line we soon realized all tickets and all shows were sold out. Sadness! My beautiful friend, also my neighbor…who happened to wear her pretty red lipstick that day…started talking to a circus worker man. After a few minutes of them laughing and talking…in French and Arabic…he called us over and let us purchase tickets for the Friday night showing. As we were excitedly buying the tickets and laughing about the power of lipstick I realized we were getting the 9pm showing on Friday night. The circus is two hours long. My kids go to bed at 8. Well, my friend didn’t bat an eye (she has little kids too) so oh, well, I thought. No big deal, we can take naps on Saturday!
We had such a great time! The kids loved it and got to rest yesterday. Way to go Roma…you put on an excellent circus…even at 9pm.

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Country BBQ Cruisin’.

This video is just real life cool. One town in the south is known for its continuous strip of BBQ grill restaurants.
You can see in the video that most of the meat is sheep. They just hang it from the curb.
We’ve eaten it a few times and it’s absolutely delicious.
Check it out HERE.

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Thanksgiving Bonuses

When you don’t get to see your family for Thanksgiving you have to make up for it by giving yourself some distractions to help relieve the pain. So we gave ourselves Thanksgiving bonuses in the form of activities for us and the kids and all our treamates!
Bonuses included horse rides (it was like I was back in Arizona for real; they let me take off running with my horse), camel rides and quads on the beach and through olive orchards. Not much to complain about!!
Click HERE to see Ella’s first driving experience (and first minor accident).
Click HERE to see her driving on the gorgeous beach terrain.













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