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This has been a good week!
My brother and his wife had their third child on Tuesday! Welcome to the world, Cora Grace!!! We are so thankful for FaceTime!!!

On Sunday we had a Fall Women’s Event at Family Place. We were able to invite our local friends, spoil them with goodies, encourage each other, talk about things that de-stress us like being thankful, and give each other manicures and pedicures. It was a wonderful time and it looks like we will do something like this once a month for our friends.


The small things in life make me feel as if I’ve conquered the world lately… Making pumpkin purée…from a pumpkin…in order to make pumpkin spice creamer to put in our coffee! Also driving through this city always makes me feel like super woman…especially with a carload of carpoolers!
Every Monday morning I train in the art of Krav Maga. It’s true! Who the heck am I?
This Sunday I will assist in training ten women the art of self defense. I’m stoked. Last week a woman on my street had her purse stolen. I’m a little too excited to practice my new art. Maybe you should pray I don’t have too, even though deep down…maybe I have some of my brother, Ryan, in me.. I really wanna pound these guys who steal our stuff. Hmmm, maybe pray for love in my heart too 🙂


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3 and 8

We celebrated two birthdays in our house this month!
Ella turned 8 on the ninth and Max turned 3 on the thirteenth.
It was a crazy few weeks but we had a ball celebrating them!!!
Ella and Max are probably the most joyful parts of our days here. Sometimes the most frustrating as well, but wow, do we love these babies!
Here are a few pics of our celebrations….












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When worlds collide.

Some of our dearest friends in Barcelona, Ruben, Rebeca and little Paula, came to do their vacation in our neck of the woods, and we were able to capture the moment when worlds collide. The greatest part of the trip was the camel escapade. Rebeca was able to convince her husband and daughter to go on a camel trip because they had heard from other people that there would be bathrooms and air conditioned tents. We do not have those on the trips I take. I did not know their expectations, so when instead of bathrooms and air-condition they received open air tents and scorpions, you can imagine how eventful of a trip we had. All in all it was amazing. Two of the local believers came with me. You guys know of them… the two guys I’m in a Triad with. It was great time spent with them, with my old spanish friends, and trying to recover some of my spanish. One day my two girls and Monster Max will accompany on this extreme desert adventure. But that time is not here yet 🙂 We love you Carales!!

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