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A wedding just happened at our house!

That just happened!

Actually it was an engagement party! Our friends asked us last week if we would host their engagement party…four days later… there were 60 plus people at our house partying until midnight!
This was our first experience at hosting on this level and it was a blast!

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Some days…

Some days I just miss these people too much. Today is one of those days. I wish I could spend my days with my moms. (Yes, MIL included)
It’s a hard job to be a mom without your mom around and I know many of our readers are doing just that. So, today is for all of us doing life without our moms down the street! We’ve got this!
And the few of you out there blessed (well, maybe you see it as a blessing or maybe not?) to see your mama tonight….go do it….take her out to Starbucks…on me! Seriously, send me your bill!!!!




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Sahara photo op!

There are no glamour shots for foxes, but this is the next closest thing!

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Our latest Aqua Gym!

Instead of only acting like we have fun but then choosing to live a miserable life inside, we have chosen to actually, truly, daily enjoy life. If that makes us wrong then we don’t want to be right 🙂

These out-of-the-family-place adventures are really allowing us to take relationships and business to another level.  It is fun. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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My baby goes to preschool.

So, technically Max attended a preschool the past two years while we studied language…But that doesn’t really count because it was at The Family Place and I could go upstairs and check on him whenever I wanted.
Well, after only two weeks of staying at home with mommy we decided Max needed a little more time with some buddies. I have told you about my friend Hejer before and once again she saved the day. Max is attending the same “rawdha” that Hejer’s boys attend. He will just go for a few hours each morning to play and sharpen up his Arabic skills. Please pray for our little man this week as he adjusts to language learning in a new environment. Although these pictures below are happy there were lots of tears shed this morning…by him and I both. Thank goodness Hejer also helped me fill out Max’s paperwork, or there would have been even more tears from me!
Thanks for loving us so well from afar! You can be sure I will send you more adorable pictures of Max at school!




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Our Newsletter Continued…

[This post is a continuation from our latest newsletter. Please let us know if you did not receive our newsletter which will contain preliminary vital information to go along with this post].


Featured in the picture above is the team we have had over the last year (sprinkled in the mix are some of our interns and local Family Place workers). But this was essentially our previous team. Since this picture we have had three families move to the south of the country to form our southern team. Now we have three of our previous families plus one additional couple come to form what we informally call our North team.
We are in the process of forming and building this new North team.

Pete is our new team leader, along with his amazing wife Brenda. We could say they are our new team leader couple. Pete is a great man of prayer who not only has an amazingly committed prayer life, but also understands how to go forward not too fast and not too slow. This is one of the main reasons we unanimously voted him our new team leader. He is a soft spoken man who does not demand the center of attention but rather is working very hard to help the rest of us find our sweet spot on the team and in ministry. He is very teachable and leads by delegating. He is intentionally listening to the rest of us as we all form our new team foundation. He understands his strengths as well as his areas where he would prefer others of us to take the point.
Brenda, Pete’s wife, is a great communicator. She has done an excellent job getting the right emails out at the right time to keep everyone informed on team meetings, team decisions, team schedules and the likes. She is also our team nurse (the woman can diagnose an illness over the phone while driving in NAfrican traffic). We believe Brenda to not just have the God given skills of a nurse, but the spiritual gift of healing. We are praying into this gift and would ask for your accompanied prayers.
Please be in prayer for our new team leader couple as we all continue to strive hard to build a strong foundation of trust in each other. This foundation is hard to lay, but, once formed, is not easily broken. With many short term people coming and going, we all recognize we must do our due diligence to form a strong core as a team!


We have been working through many difficulties to obediently meet in groups of threes and fours to help sharpen each other in all the areas of mind, body, soul and spirit. The lifelong journey of removing layers of brokenness, insecurities, sins as well as building each other up in our God given spiritual gifts is quite possibly the most impossible task for all believers. It definitely falls under the category of, “With man it is impossible, but in Him, all things are possible.”
We meet in Triads/Quads as a team as well with other local believers. Two local guys [we will call them Aymen and Bechir because that is their actual names haha] and I are meeting regularly and we are all three helping each other with struggles as well as trying to discover what it is like to live fully for Him. It is a hard task. Long term brokenness and mistrust don’t just plague believers back home, but they are strongholds we encounter here as well. Please pray that as layers come off, we all three allow God to form new unbreakable layers of “power, love and self-discipline).

Us Browns have been selected as the couple to come home to do our home assignment after three years instead of four (our whole team can’t all leave after four years and leave the work unmanned, so we are coming home next May). Although we feel three years is early, we believe in the wisdom of those who have sent us here. That being said, we know He has a lot in store for us over these next 9 months and we desperately need prayer for wisdom on what to focus on and what not to worry about. We will be leaving for a year with many things left undone, but for certain God has things for us to do before then. Please pray for us to know where to leverage our energy, time and relationships.

[We would love your feedback on how to better improve our communication with our beloved friends and family back home. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you like, don’t like and what you would like to see done differently].

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Fox Trot Niner.

Just call me the fox trainer, the fox whisperer, or fox trot niner. All I know is that according to Jenny there is a wild fox living in our house, but according to this video you could say that this fox has been broken like a bronco.  The trick is, there is no trick. But don’t tell Jenny.

Although I can’t keep for from peeing and pooping in the kitchen (and who needs a domesticated fox to be 100% potty trained), she is officially house broken according to my totally loose standards.  And you can’t complain about her poop when it comes out like little hard unwrapped chocolate candy.  

We will keep you posted.

Here is her latest video! Click on SAHARA.


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Never Stop Noticing Funny.

There is no mistaking what meat this butcher is selling. We have seen sheep waiting to be slaughtered, we have seen cow heads, sheep heads, even camel heads hanging from the butchers hook. But this is the first time I have ever seen two camels waiting to be slaughtered outside the butcher shop.

This is both funny and many other things. How do these pictures make you feel?

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Thank you Kifu Beans.

Kifu, you have helped us settle into an energy filled morning routine these last handful of days.  We have enjoyed you so much that now we only have a little bit of you left, but you have treated us well.  We want to thank you and all those you work with (mainly Jeremy, Keldy and da boys).

Kifu, you are my personal favorite. 




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Check out our MaxFIT trainers!

Jenny and I are so blessed to have found some of the most unique locals to work with. The people He has brought us to help run the fitness are uniquely reliable, committed, helpful and enjoyable to be around. The guys have truly become some of my best friends here in country. A couple of them have soft hearts, one guy has a hard heart and one guy is a believer from a few years ago. But we are in a place to really influence each other and our customers in a healthy way.
Your prayers for the people in this picture are highly requested. May God do some great things this coming year through MaxFIT and particularly in and through these trainers!

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