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A Soft Landing

Here we sit. Once again in our living room in North Africa. My fox is nipping at my toes, literally. My house still smells the same. It’s so weird all of the emotions smells can bring.
Our flight was as uneventful as one can imagine traveling with eight bags and two kids, we were greeted by our teammates and are excited to step back into life! No really, I’m actually glad to be back. I guess that is a step in the right direction. It will never get easy to say goodbye to everyone we love in the motherland, but it certainly makes it feel a little sweeter to like living here too.
Now this weekend we unpack those eight bags and distribute gifts. And then Ella starts school on Monday. After that I promise to post pictures of some of the best vacation time ever to be had.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and happy thoughts…our transition seems miraculous so far… But now keep praying for our mothers.

And now my two cents (Stevie).
As we were driving back to our home from Ella’s open house at school, Jenny turns and tells me, “I’m actually happy to be back. It’s doesn’t really make sense but I’m happy.” (You must understand five years ago, even two years ago, Jenny probably could not be in a place to say something like this is such difficult circumstances). But my only response was, “Of course it makes sense. With people praying right now that we would be able to arrive safe, settle back in, and enjoy the transition, of course we feel this way. That’s God answering prayer in real time.”
Friends, we have a God that answers prayers. Thanks for praying.

I too feel like we are arriving back in NAfrica for the first time all over again. A month away allowed the smells here to be noticeable all over again and I very vividly can remember arriving two years ago in a whole new fresh way.

Thank you friends and family for one of the most memorable months of a lifetime!

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