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Go&Grow International. Our official internship video!

So, if you wonder what me and my partner, Cheng, do a good portion of our time here in country, take a look at this promo video. We are able to get our visa’s through our company Go&Grow. Go&Grow is an apprenticeship company which allows us to bring foreigners from the outside (mainly young people) and give them work, culture and language experience from 2 months to 2 years here in country. They help teach our english courses, run our cafe, lead group fitness and during the summer completely take charge of our kids english camp.

Cheng and I, with a ton of help from Christy, have established this company over the last year plus and we are finally now getting our feet under us. This video is over a year in the making. We feel we offer some of the best real time experience for young people to enhance their resume and prepare them for competitive job fields.

If you wonder what we are doing and what brings us tons of joy and tons of exhaustion, this video will give you a glimpse. Language learning has still been our main focus, but why just learn a language when you can also start and maintain other businesses at the same time 🙂

Let us know if you or anyone you know would be interested in learning how to apply for one of our apprenticeship openings.

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I have a countdown app on my phone. When I got it we had over 100 days and now I am down to 1 day, 17 hours and 18 minutes until take off.
That’s right, people! We’re coming to America. Sing it with me! “We’re coming to America”. Two more sleeps until we lay our heads on the pillows in my parents house. We are hoping to connect with many of you and forgive me in advance if I kiss your face!

Some of the things we look forward to are…. In no particular order….

-Hugging and rehugging family and friends especially the ones we have only met through skype ( Cooper and Mia Kate)
-The English language
-Not hearing the call to prayer five times a day
-Air conditioning almost everywhere
– Nicholasville Jazzercise (whoop whoop)

The list goes on and on!!!! Mostly I am just about to pee my pants thinking of stepping off the plane and reuniting with the people we love most. If you think of us over the next few days please pray for our transition back, our long flight with the kids, and our team that is staying behind.

See you real soon!!!!!!!

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Little bit harder & little bit worse!

Last year you saw the picture of our 4th of July explosives purchase. It was pretty sweet to see them sell so many biggins out in the street. This year, however, the situation has changed. The govt has cracked down on the big ones because ppl are posing as shooting off fireworks but then committing crime in between bangs. Since this is obviously not my intention, I felt comfortable trying to track some down “off the white market.”
I had two local buddies (actually the two guys in my Triad accountability group) help me track some down. We bought a handful of lame ones that are legal. But then they helped me buy two of the ones “off the beaten path.” As they were waiting for the delivery I went to get the car. When I got back two undercover cops had our merchandise in their hands and threatening to take my two buddies to the station. Good thing my two buddies are like ninja Jedi’s and got out of it.
So here I sit with a rather pathetic bunch of fireworks that we will have to make do. The two “big ones” that almost got us in prison were simply large Roman candles. What the heck?
The fireworks are not as good as usual and the path to purchase was not as easy, but the Founding Fathers would still be proud.

Happy 4th friends!!
Explode huge things responsibly. And do a couple on my behalf!!


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The old Iphone request is back on!

Yup, you guessed it. It’s Stevie Brown at it again. Trying to find out who is getting rid of their old phone and wants to sell. I’m really doing you a favor by giving you an excuse to upgrade 🙂

My old trusty iPhone that had two years worth of Arabic recordings on it was left in a taxi and most likely never to be seen again. PTL that all my phone numbers and notes are in iCloud. It’s just mainly my old Arabic words I need to get re-recorded. So, if anyone wants to sell me their old iPhone, let me know. I’ll be in Kentucky in August!!


(PS you definitely would not have seen a post like this is the olden days of “oversees workers.” #timeshavechanged)
(PSS this post is from Ella, not Stevie)

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