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Why we’ve been MIA!?!

As in anything in life, as soon as you stop doing any one thing, then a little time goes by, it becomes ever so harder to get back to it. Our blog has clearly become that, as you all have noticed.  Because of our unconditional support from our people around the globe we have never felt enslaved to our blog, but enthusiastic about keeping our lives connected.

Over the last couple of months, however, our lives have been truly a whirlwind and it has felt impossible to pick up the computer and do something like write a blog post. You can see how putting up a few videos with nearly no comments has been as much as we have been able to muster. And those have been very few and far between.

This post is not an apology, it’s not for sympathy… nothing like that. It’s just an honest take on how these last two months have probably been some of the most stretching we have experienced as an entire family simultaneously since we have arrived in country. Usually its Jenny being tired and me having the energy, or me being exhausted and Jenny on her game, or us both being down but the kids being ready to go. But over the last couple months we have all been exhausted. 

It came to a climax this last week as we said goodbye to three of our families that moved to the south to start another “Family Place” venture close to the bordering country on the east.  Goodbyes have been abundant, Arabic has felt very heavy, our transition from one big team to two smaller teams has been a huge change, interns have come and gone and come again, Spain was horrible in the World Cup opening games, and then I left my iPhone in a taxi and the guy won’t return it. And I kid you not, our third rabbit died (so our pets’ heads are basically falling off).

In all of this our prayer times have been better than ever. We are seeing miracles and deliverances. Our hope is growing and God is speaking to us.  We are down, but not out. We are exhausted, yet encouraged. 

We are well aware that are problems are no bigger than yours. Our schedules are no fuller than yours. And for sure our roles are not more important than anyone else’s. Each of you gets tired from life. Each of you has people that make you mad. At times you “feel” you want to punch a neighbor. Each of you miss family. We are all in this together. We feel each others pain. That’s what makes this whole journey easier to bare. You know what we feel. Sure it’s a little different. But it’s much the same.
See… we are still normal right? 🙂

So although we have slacked a ton with our blog and sometimes feel heavy and frustrated with that fact, the stronger feeling is that most of you don’t care if we are writing 2 blogs a week or 7 or none. You just love us and want to walk this journey with us however often we connect… at least that’s the impression we have over here.

We want to thank each of you for your love, and support and patience. Thank you so much to all of you who comment. For those of you who don’t, we know you still love us, but maybe it’s time to hear from you too 🙂

Does this blog mean we are back at our game? Somewhat. Jenny just finished her last formal Arabic class, so our lives will begin to look different from here on out. PTL in a big way.

Thebrownspot4 is still alive and now we speak a little Arabic. Crazy times!

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July is almost here!

May and June were a whirlwind. I never thought they would end, but then it went so fast I can’t even remember what happened.

Good thing I documented in pictures! Stevie does well in keeping you up date on our life in the gym and our life as fox owners, but thats not all we do! I know, you’re so surprised. Here are quite a few pictures of the past two months.

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Ella’s end of year scavenger hunt!

Ella’s school had an end of the year, outdoor education field trip to the south. It’s from this same trip that we mysteriously came home with a dessert fox. You know the trip 🙂

We did a video scavenger hunt while down there and then this video was made for the end of year party. We thought you all might get some laughs and a good sense of what kind of kids and families are here.

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After workout dance party!

Our people are having so much fun together that it truly seems this can’t be happening. And its so cool to have an uncharacteristic mix of local and foreign believers all mixed in local and foreign not-yet believers.
Again, PTL!!

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Some of our latest group fitness shots!

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Here’s some of the highlights.

Our MaxFIT gym is now comprised of people truly from all over. Locals, French, Canadians, Belgians, and more. When we went to do this Aqua Gym, it truly brought so many worlds together it was quite amazing.

The biggest answer to prayer was nobody died. Nobody even got hurt. Seriously, PLT!

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The latest outing…

The latest outing...

We took some 80 peeps from The Family Place in an outing to do MaxFIT Aqua Gym. It was amazing. This picture captures best what went down.

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