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The real fox sports!

Never mind the huge feet with the really long second toe. What you want to check out is Sahara showing us how to play futbol. She is slowly becoming house trained.

As they say, life is better with a fox đŸ˜‰

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What does the fox say?



Some of you might not have scrolled through all of our desert pictures so I wanted to make sure our new pet gets a proper introduction! Arnie (the bunny) and Paris, Jack and Izzy (the turtles) would like to welcome Sahara Rose to the family. Our new desert fenac fox. I think the African sun is starting to bother my decision making capabilities. If we buy another pet, please someone send me some help!

And, the song is right. Foxes make a weird noise that sounds like a dolphin..kikikikikiki.

AND...WAIT FOR IT.... We bought the fox and brought it home. There you have it. The fox is our new pet. I'm sure more posts will be coming!!!



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Browns take on the Sahara

Ella’s entire school (only about 20 families) took a field trip to the south! We had quite the adventure last weekend and even brought some desert fun home with us.

Check out the pics to get a taste of our Sahara Desert Experience!

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Check out our latest MaxFIT Gym pics and videos!

Check out our latest MaxFIT Gym pics and videos!

Most of you probably already visit MaxFIT Gym Facebook page every day. But in case you don’t know the address, here it is! And there are some new videos and pics to check out.

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Our newest rabbit experiment.

So, two days after our second rabbit died, Jenny’s close friend Hejer had her husband bring us another rabbit up from the south. We would have let the world know sooner, but we figured we had delivered too much rabbit news all at once. We thought it best to let a little time go by.
At first sight our new rabbit looked like it might suffer a similar fate, especially since he came with a gimp hind leg. It’s amazing what a week running around in the yard will do to help heal a leg… especially with cats chasing you every day. I guess it’s strengthen the leg or get eaten.
We named this guy Arnie. Arneb is Arabic for rabbit. We just Englishfied it.
We feel much more optimistic with Arnie because he is a good bit bigger than the other two. And we put him in his cage each night. Trevor, thanks for the thought on getting a dog to keep away the cats. We plan to just try the cage for now.
We plan to buy him a roommate next week. He needs a cuddle buddy (Don’t we all).

Im sure there will be plenty of pics and videos worth sharing over the summer months. Stay tuned to see how long Arnie lives. Any wagers?

Go Arnie!

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First world problemos

Have you all seen the youtube video about first world problems? I feel like I’m living it the past few weeks. But, don’t I know I should expect that by now? Why am I even still thinking these things are problems when really they are nothing for my local friends. When the carts at the grocery store don’t work or the new burger place has a fountain machine…Yes, a fountain machine, but, it doesn’t work either. Or how about when the sidewalks/other pedestrians/crazy drivers/trash piles/cats/men sweeping dead fish-heads at me ….just do not lend to my stroller pushing. Etc, etc, etc. all of my problems just seem to go unnoticed by my friends around me. Why, because they have grown up with men sweeping dead fish-heads at them, well, hopefully not really. Man, do I feel like a loser. Suck it up, Jenny! There are real problems right beside me.
So, today I had another “eventful” trip to the store and I was so close to tears, I just said, LORD. That’s all. Didn’t say anything else because I knew it would be a rant or a big yelp. And that might be embarrassing. Anyways….celebrate with me…..I’m met an Arab man angel. They exist! I’m telling you this guy was awesome! For the first time in two years one of the workers that usually just stands and stares at me struggle with my broken cart and groceries OFFERED to not only bag my groceries but he also helped me to my car! (Which was miraculously not towed away, like last weeks grocery experience)
For real! I know it’s minuscule, but twenty points for The Monoprix worker today!!!! Actually he did score a huge tip from me!
Just wanted to share this happiness with you all. Apparently, God even cares about our dumb first world problems. Amen to that!
Here are a few pics from the last few weeks….
Family dinner out, some from the local expo that I went to filled with arts and crafts from all over the country, Ella and her friends at Kylee’s birthday, and Max fighting bad guys!











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