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RIP little bunnies.

RIP little bunnies.

That was a very fast chapter in our lives. After just one week of getting our first rabbits ever, we lose them both. It has been a hard loss, but they were very good to the kids in their very short time with us.

You both will certainly be missed.

RIP Stewie and Thumper!

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Another rabbit down.

Well, a week ago Friday we bought two rabbits. By yesterday we lost them both. Ella is so traumatized she doesn’t want to buy any more rabbits. Darrell, our boss, says he thinks we can build a whole area in our yard to allow them space and protection. Idk, losing two rabbits to dumb street cats in one week makes me question everything about my ability to raise animals.  What to do? Is it out of the question to pay a guard just to keep cats out? Probably.  Should I spend my days studying Arabic while in a hunting blind in my own yard just to pick off some cats? Probably not. There are so many stray cats here I would never kill them all. Maybe Taco Bell and I could go into business if I provide their cat meat?! Ok, now I’m beginning to lose it. 

More turtles seem to be the only safe option. How many turtles is too many?

As I write this post Max just asked if he can buy a lion. A lion?? That’s like fighting fire with fire. Max, you’re brilliant!

Lion pics soon to come.

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It’s spreading.

imageimageimageimageIt's spreading.

Jenny and I are helping with a local school sports day. Six groups of young kids back to back to back… You get the point. Jenny has the Jazzercise corner, then they come to fitness with me. Then they go to Salsa, bball, futbol and so on.
It’s definitely a hurding cats experience.
Tons of fun. Tons of chaos.

Spreading MaxFIT gym one school district at a time. Get ’em while they’re young 😉

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Back to just one rabbit…

My biggest fear regarding the rabbits came to pass this morning. Our most social rabbit of the two (Stewie), who was named after Jenny’s brother’s dog, was lying in the grass in an abnormal posture. I knew it right when I saw it. Some $%^# cat must have gotten him early this morning.  We feared this could happen and that is why we got a little bit bigger rabbits rather than small small babies. We also figured with so many hiding places in our yard they would always have an escape route. But that was not the case. Our black rabbit, who would even let Max walk right up and pet him and nearly torture him, had his back broken and we have to put him down.

Ella is obviously devastated. Jenny drove her to school today to give her some extra time to process things. She has cried and cried.

I’m so stinking mad. So was Max. This kid is something else. Right away, after seeing Stewie lying on the ground, he said, “I’m going up stairs to look for the cat.” And he made a bee line for the outdoor stairs. Jenny said, “Go get him, where is he going?” When I caught up to him he was already mostly up the stairs, and I asked him, “Max, where are you going?” He said, “I’m going upstairs to find the bad cat.”  I asked, “What are you going to do.” He replied, “I’m going to kick it… with my foot.” Later he talked about shooting it with his toy gun. The boy has some protective instincts in him.

So there you have it. A traumatic way to start our day. Don’t know what we will do to replace him. Don’t want to just give these innumerable dumb street cats a bunch of “fish in a barrel.” Any advice out there?

Seriously, Stewie was such a unique rabbit. He would come up to us while in the yard or by the pool, stand under our feet, let us pick him up, just hang next to us, let Max mess with him. How do you find another rabbit like that? 


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We finally got a rabbit… I mean two rabbits!

Jenny finally conceded and let Ella, Max and daddy get some more pets for the yard. Turtles are fun, but they barely count as a pet. So… we bought not just one rabbit (that would be lonely for the guy) but two. Two males. One for Ella. One for Max. I’m trying to convince Jenny to let us get one female so we can have millions of rabbits by next year, but she is still holding off.  Give me a little more time.

We will have to show you the letter Ella wrote to Jenny in order to pitch her on the idea. It was awesome.  We will have many videos and pics to come, but here is a few to start.

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Our country from Ella’s viewpoint.

Like every millennial these days, Ella and Max are both way to comfortable using any kind of electronic. It doesn’t matter where in the world you grow up anymore.
Ella consistently leaves videos she has made either by herself or with her friends on the iPad and our phones. Some are hilarious.
This video she took in the backseat without us even knowing and it gives a good shot of normal life and really good commentary.
Max has a .5 second cameo as well 🙂


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What up?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Spring is definitely here in North Africa and actually its feeling more like summer. Max’s preschool took a field trip to the beach last Friday, my new self defense course started again, Ella hosted an Easter party at our house for some of her expat friends, Stevie is well on the road to recovery after UK’s almost win, and we bought tickets for vacation! Guess where we are going? To YOUR side of the ocean! We won’t be there until after a few big months of interns and kids’ programs and our last language intensive in June, but sometime soon we will start the countdown on the blog 🙂

Here are a few photos of the past few weeks…


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How I’m handling the Final Four…

This video does justice to what it was like even though it was just me, by myself, at 4:30 in the morning Timbuktu Standard Time in my living room watching the UK-Wisconsin game Saturday night (or was is Sunday morning, I can’t even remember at this point). If you could bottle up this whole crowd in just one man by himself in a NAfrican living room, you would capture Stevie Paul.

This picture captures my current state as I read each new article that pops up about the game tonight:



Go CATS. This is gonna be one special night!

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The Marathon picture album

With 40 of our closest Family Place and MaxFIT gym friends, we had more fun than a marathon should allow.

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Win it for Sue!!

Thank you Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue “FAC mom” Cook for the UK shirts way back when. It took us way longer to get blued up and send you a thanks, but what a better day than this.

How are we gonna celebrate you ask?  Well… since last week my plan for the UofL game got messed up, I’m not taking any chances.  I’m gonna try to fall asleep when the kids go down and get up at 2 am. Or…… just make it a near all nighter, watch the first semifinal at midnight our time, then watch the CATS advance at 2am.  I’m gonna feel it in the morning, but some pain is more than worth it!!

GOOOOOO CATS!! Succeed and Proceed!


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