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Away from Lexington at such a time as this.

I’m not complaining. I’m not gonna rant. All I’m saying is that today and tomorrow will be very hard days to be away from Lexington with the UK/UofL game now upon us. I have taken measured breaks between language and other responsibilities to read every article I can on the matchup just to help me handle the anxiety. But not a whole lot has helped.  I am about to freak out. I can’t handle it any more. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do for the game tonight. Will I just watch all the games leading up to it and just stay up till 5:00am. Very likely. Will I ask my parents to record the game and get up at 7:00am to watch it, possibly.  Will I wait till later on Saturday and have a bunch of friends over and make a party of it. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I’m pretty sure I will not be able to watch this game with anyone around. For that reason the middle of the night option seems best. I have to be able to focus. I will be unable to handle any distractions.  Ahhhhhhh. The more I think about it the more I hyperventilate and began labored breathing.  

Do any of our readers have a cure?  Any advice? Any medical prescriptions that you know of?  I know I need therapy, but that’s a long term solution, nothing that can help for today.

Go Cats. Go UK. Go BBN. Bleed Blue!

UK over UofL by double digits. #9 a week from Monday night. That’s my prediction!

(PS Congrats to all my Dayton, Ohio family for their big win last night)


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New Door. Same Allegiance.

Me and the kids were able to finish off our new, strong, secure, metal door. We like it. Do you? Max spent most of his time taking the paint and using it on the turtle.  Ella actually proved to be useful.


But, the point of this post… whether new door or old door, notice what lies above the door. That’s right. We are UK!!

Once again, thank you Jon and Sarah-Marie.

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MaxFIT Marathan Runners.

MaxFIT Marathan Runners.

The title is certainly misleading. We did not run a complete marathon. Mainly because that would be insane. Why would you want to put your body through that? And for what? (tongue in cheek humor for all our marathon runners out there).
But MaxFIT gym, combining both Jazzercise girls and MaxFIT groupies, participated in a half marathon/5K today and it was such an amazing time.
We had 40+ of our local and expat friends meet and run together and we had a total blast. Check out this group picture after the race right in front of the Mediterranean. The view is not fair, we know.
More pics of the greatness to come tomorrow, but for now we wanted to get you this promo group picture out.
We are continuing to establish great friendships, credibility and true healthiness all around (as well as constant language and culture learning).

Don’t stop praying for us all 🙂

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Inceptio part deux!

I don’t know if any of you remember, but last September I had the opportunity to help my local friend who is a business entrepreneur with a start up business he has begun called Inceptio. Inceptio specializes in teambuilding and inter-team development. Sometimes he just goes and does conferences at the offices of companies, but his first client, a huge oil company, who wanted an offsite event required more man power for my buddy, Pippo. That’s his nickname. His real name is Karim.

So I was able to go last fall with him and help with an event  that included teambuilding for 60 engineers. It was quite the charades!  The same client called up Inceptio again for Part Deux, but this time for their 20 workers in their administrative staff.

So Pippo called up the same gang from the first event and we put on another great weekend. There were 5 different obstacles the people had to either cross or build, including a satellite launcher, an escape tunnel, and a relay race.  The obstacles were quite elaborate.  As you can see in the pictures, one obstacle was a web of “lasers” that each person had to get through unscathed.

As for language, the clients spoke English, French, and Arabic but I mainly was able to work on my Arabench (Arabic and French seamlessly woven together).  Most of the white collars here speak a total blend of French and Arabic and you can only do your best to keep up.  Overall it was another great time away from my normal retune. Evidently there is one more weekend with these same clients coming up in a couple months. I’ll keep you all up to date.

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The Boss Button.

I hope this post will not give me away, but if you want to know what I have been doing all day today instead of studying Arabic, take a look. Don’t tell my boss. I have been hiding it pretty well 🙂
March Madness is not easy on this side of the pond. Can you believe that nobody even knows what it is here?
What am I going to do?
I’ll start with filling out a bracket and having UK win it all, just like I do every year!
Then I’ll watch this video one more time. And then another. 🙂

Go Big Blue!

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Bad mamma jammas!!

It doesn’t get any cooler than this… Jenny and Aimee getting ready to be the new center for all women’s defense in this part of the world’s hemisphere.

Since the multiple punches and practices were taking it’s toll on both Aimee and Stevie (the substitute perp), the girls decided that in order for this thing to be done right they were going to need a real body suit. I would say they found it.

To give a little bit of background, Aimee has special training in the past and worked at a maximum security prison for men for more than two years. She has a dream and vision to help train women here to defend themselves from the ever increasing mugging mentality that is growing around these parts.  Jenny has now been trained by Aimee and hopefully can one day teach the class by herself.

MaxFIT gym is ever evolving and who knows what it will look like a few years from now. At this point, we are having fun discovering what works, what doesn’t work, and what can work given enough time and patience.  Women’s defense is one thing we are quite certain can work big time once the right things are in place. Now that we got this SWEEEEEET body suit we’re pretty much ready to hit the big time!

Here are the two body suit models on the runway:

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The NAFrica Derby!

One of my best friends, Kais, took me to the game between the two top teams in the country on Sunday. The craziness rivals that of Barca vs Madrid or UK vs Louisville. It’s such crazy madness that they don’t let the opposing fans even come because of the fighting, violence and political sabotage that happens.

At minute 75 of this Derby, the home team lights up like you see in the video. I was recording and the team happened to also score. Craziness ensued. The most amazing thing was how they threw the flairs at the police below. Total nutso.

Max is gonna love me taking him to the next game! Just don’t tell Gigi and Yaya 🙂

Here is video of a sweet chant they did as well:

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The “tweak” was felt all the way in N Africa!

Only BBN will understand this, but UK’s tweaking made such a bang that the shock waves reached the shores of NAfrica!
Not giving up on these guys, ever! Maybe the blood becomes bluer the further and longer away you live.
Go Cats. 8 more games 🙂


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Max and Ella gone wild!

If you ever wonder how we survive without any grandparents or family close by to watch the kids while we handle our responsibilities then this video will clue you in.
Ella has the video in hand, Max is being Monster Max.
It’s funny to get Ella’s perspective. Lots of butts at eye level when you are only 7.

This is a fun way to see both our kids and real life collide on a day to day basis.
Fun times. We hope they look back with good memories 🙂

My question is, where is Jenny? I think the kids are on her clock in this footage!

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Possible Confirmation?

As it turns out, by Monday night Jenny had had some of her own rejuvenating work done in her life and the two of us are currently feeling like we haven’t felt in some time.  I don’t know how it always gets confirmed that He is working or has worked in a specific way (obviously every good and perfect gift comes from Him), but things like this always make you wonder 🙂

Obviously a rainbow is a promise to us all and it can be seen by all, but sometimes it feels like it’s a reminder just for you. Have you ever felt that too?

The first one I have ever seen here. And it was a double rainbow. And very bright. It ended a third great day in a row. Boom!!

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