Not all weddings are the same!

Just like in the motherland, weddings here have quite a variety in levels of intensity. Like good ol Merikans, it all depends on the family. Now, there is never a wedding without excruciating loud music, that never changes here, so turn the volume down on your device before you play this video (probably advice given to late, huh?).
Jenny and I have now been to quite a few weddings. Out of all those I have been to, no family celebrates better than my best bud Kais’ (the barber, the bathhouse companion, the wedding smasher).
I just went with him to his friends “grooms party” (the party where the groom gets celebrated before the big wedding), and it was crazy.
Here is another video of more of a cultural piece to the dancing; not just craziness.
Click here:

I only filmed a short part because as you can imagine, I had to put the camera down and get up in that mix!!
This part of language learning never gets old for me 🙂
Fellow party smasher,

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