Cowboy Max in an Ella Spielberg production.

A wonderful and lately an uncommon Saturday morning; We made pancakes, bacon and omelets with some freshly ground coffee.  The kids relaxed, mom relaxed, so therefore daddy is 100% relaxed.

Then, Ella Spielberg got some good footage of Cowboy Max as he continues to learn to use the potty instead of letting it go anytime he wants!!  This video was spontaneous  for both Ella and Max so we had to get it out to you all.  And we hesitated to post the still shots of Max in his undies while on the potty and in action, buuuuuuut then we figured we could ask forgiveness of him later because these pics are just too stinking awesome.

Ella’s videography:

Behind the scene still shots:

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4 thoughts on “Cowboy Max in an Ella Spielberg production.

  1. Cheryl Dorrell

    What a great way to start my Saturday!!! Love this!!!

  2. Mannie

    Lol….blackmail for later…

  3. I agree. I think he’ll forgive you. Just too darn cute!

  4. eva tsang

    Yup!!! Stinking cute!!! 😉

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